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I have found the couple that i want to be godparents for my son, but i have a bit of a conundrum…………..

My husband and I are very much Christian, but are not affiliated with any one denomination or church in particular. I know that when choosing godparents, they are people that will give my son spiritual guidance, and they will play a special role in the upbringing of my son.For me, a godparent blesses the child – not with material things, necessarily, but through committed prayer, counsel and sharing of strengths and skills. A godparent takes an active interest in the child’s life. A godparent is present in moments of crisis as well as times of celebration. A godparent shares a special bond with the child in his/her own unique way…..i know for some it entails taking care of the child in the event of the passing on of the parents. But can you have godparents if you dont follow any particular denomination? How would you go about it? What would it entail?
And just for clarification…Maternal Grandparents do not always get those rights if i have a living trust saying i want my children raised by my ex-husbands sister, than thats where they would go it’s incontestable….and I am chosing people who i want in my childs life to teach them to be there for them just like i listed in my question…i am not planning for my death anytime soon….and no i am not catholic, as i stated in my question also…can anyone offer any help??


  1. Maternal grandparents always have first rights if the parents die. Being a godparent is an honor thing and nothing more.

  2. You get godparents for your child when your child is baptized. You have to have a Church to baptize your child. You need a Church. Without one, how are you going to manage to get your child baptized, or have the godparents who officially take on that role during the service of baptism… You need to join a Church. Ask God to show you which one…and He will. God bless you in your search. You are totally correct about the role of godparents in a child’s life. Not many people understand that. It is not only a Catholic thing. The Eastern Orthodox Church also has the practice of having godparents–and every person who is baptized has godparents. When I say Eastern Orthodox, that’s like Greek Orthodox. A godparent’s responsibilities are in the spiritual bringing up of the child. In the event something ever happened to the parents, and there was nobody else to take over care of the child, the godparents would have the responsibility to step in, but their main responsibility is regarding spiritual upbringing…

  3. Having godparents is a Catholic thing.
    So, are you actually Catholic?
    God requires parents to take care of their spiritual needs, not others. (Deut. 6;6,7)

  4. I’m a godparent to two children, but I never see those children anymore (they and their parents never come around because they are too busy). If the parents die there are a lot of other people who would be considered before the godparents as the child’s caregivers.
    Grandparents were mentioned, and what about uncles and aunts?
    Being a godparent these days is, just as was said before, mostly an honor thing. It’s basically saying that the people you’ve chosen are very special to you and you would like them to be a part of their children’s lives.
    ADDED: I was unaware that the term was of Catholic origin. Interesting to know.

  5. The god parents are the ones that will raise your kid if you die. You should worry more about that first in the selection process before differences in denomination. One of the problems of religion is to divide people. Don’t let it.

  6. i would choose a godparent based on how they would treat the child and not on what religion they have. i understand that you want your child to have your beliefs but if you pick the people that actually care about the child then their religion wont really matter and im sure if you asked them then they would teach the child about god and all of that. a godparent should be based on how they treat the child not on what they believe in. and yes you can have godparents wether you have one denomination or many it doesnt matter.

  7. I think you can choose any god parent’s that you want…Who cares what their or your denomination is? As long as you have an agreement with the couple as far as what you expect of them as “god parents” then you should be fine…I think that you are letting the point of religion get in the way a little..Don’t get me wrong I am a christian, but the focus is, who is going to be there for your child..So just relax..Talk with the couple, and if you all can agree, problem solved…If anyone else doesn’t like it, tell ’em to go and have their own child, and they can do what they like..

  8. You cannot have a child Christened or Baptized without a religious ceremony – you can join a “Unitarian” church which allows all denominations – it welcomes the belief of all. But as far as baptizing without a denomination – I do not see how that can be done. The Godparents are just figures – the importance of baptism is washing away original sin – you can choose whomever you want and call them the child’s Godparent – but unless you have the religious ceremony of baptism the child will still have original sin on his/her soul. It really is a personal choice – you can appoint Godparents and perform your own ceremony or you can look into a church that will accept your beliefs and have the child baptized in the eyes of a church.

  9. A God parent commit herself / himself to be involved in the life of the child as a mentor in the Christian faith.
    responsibilities of a God parent :
    To be a professing Christian who is active in the life of a congregation.
    To understand and endorse infant baptism.If possible, it will be helpful for the God Parents or Sponsors to come with the parents to the pre-baptism session. However, if this cannot be done, the parents can share with the God Parents or Sponsors what they learned in the pre-baptism session.
    to support the efforts of the parents in having a Christian marriage and family life.
    Through words and deeds to support the parents in their efforts to enable to child
    to be aware he / she is loved by God
    to understand herself / himself as a Christian
    To live a Christian life
    To stay in touch with the child throughout the child’s life.
    To pray frequently for the child and the parents of the child.
    However, godparent is not a legal position, and should the parents seriously intend the godparents to act as foster parents in case of their death, this must be legally specified through the usual means (such as a will).
    A godparent may, or may not, be related to the child. A child may have one, two or several godparents. Some parents choose to have a blessor (or blessors) instead of godparents.
    Prospective godparents must be at least baptized before they can take on this responsibility. Traditionally the child is given three godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. i.e., a baby boy has two godfathers and one godmother and a baby girl has one godfather and two godmothers.


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