I have ben told i have a clear aura with a black outline, what does this mean? Thanks, Kristie?

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i was curious as to weather this is a bad thing

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Jay R

The only thing about black in the aura that I’ve ever heard is that it indicates illness. Who told you this? Has anyone else ever seen your aura? How are you feeling!?

Caramel Apple

it means u r very easy to read, and not complex, but u have a dark strak in u
yay u

Hash S

It means your friend has bad eye-sight.
NO…this is not a bad thing. Some people claim to see a color around people, which emenates from their being. Different colors mean different things, however a clear Aura, means no Aura, and a black line, well that is beyond Absurd.
Furthermore, this person, who gave you this nugget of information, what are their qualifications?
What sort of powers do they profess or possess which makes them read these Aura’s?
And lastly, a good medium or psychic or other such decent person who is gifted in the Arts of such, will NEVER tell you something such as this, without first explaining what they mean, and how it impacts you. Let alone, say something so stupid, and then not accompany it with a rational explanation.
Relax, and if you are still concerned, then go to a different person, who does the same sort of work, and NOT TELL this second person, what the first one said, and see, what this second person says.
TRUST ME … the second person, will NOT say anything such as this. At best they may mention another color at random, but not what you have already been told.
Take Care, and good luck


If you have a clear Aura then I hate to tell you this, You’re dead!
The Aura is egg shaped, multicoloured and in bands around the body. It doesn’t have an outline so yours can’t be black!
If there is black in the Aura then it’s supposed to indicate Bad temper.
The person who claimed to see yours is obviously not as gifted as they think! It could be that what they are seeing is what is called the Etheric as that is clear or smokey blue and follows the outline of the body. The black outline is just the eyes way of differentiating between that and your surrounding. The only thing that indicates is your general mood. If you are depressed it’s very thin, if happy it can be 3 or more inches in width.


It isn’t impossible to have a clear aura. Fact: People with these “clear” auras are known as crystals. It is among the rarest of types and is usually a secondary color although it being a primary color is even more of a rarity.
The black outline stymies me. If you are like me then your Aura isn’t egg shaped like everyone else but hugs your form from about 1/2 inch to an inch.
I am a primary crystal and only recently have noticed the black outline that now surrounds my usual “clear” aura.
I’m trying to find out what this black outline means as well. Don’t believe that you are dying or wrong about your aura. You know intuitively that what you see is real because you are a crystal.


I have the same, I can even see it. I have many abilities. I really can’t say more without sounding more insane lol. I am a Shaolin Monk.


I have the same too and I would like to talk to you Messt.


Kristie, idk how old this post is but someone told me the ex act same thing. If you get info could you reply?


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