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I have been told i have natural healing abilities?

by karen:

I am not religious but i do have my beliefs.Would you say that this “Healing ability” has been given to me from God or from another source? just curious to your thoughts? (please dont judge me as i dont charge for anything and i dont really use this ability as i dont understand it enough but i would like to help people). Is it just an energy and nothing to do with “Healing” could it be just a mind thing?
coldwarkid/ why am i a fraud when i am just saying what i have been told myself, i am not saying that i totally believe in it or saying that i can heal people. so please read the question fully before leaving neg comments

Answer by Daniel O
We all have natural healing ability. It’s called an immune system.


  1. Yes this person is right that we have an immune system but you cant have a healing system ive just reasearched it
    if you did then i would have newsround down there lol
    i have a healing system
    i tell them to get better and they do
    they either gett better or they die

  2. I think its a gift..some say we all have it we just have to know how to tap into it, but I would say anything that is positive which healing is, definitly comes from God, I know bible thumpers think its from the devil or something but I highly doubt that. God gives us tools in different ways some in the form of doctors that work physically others that work mentally or through energy. You should try to use it to help ppl and learn how to be more familiar with it.

  3. you could have healing abilitys!! its very possible and if you do thats a very good gift to have but its hard to tell without knowing your reasons for thinking this. or not knowing some of the things you have done. and yes it is a mind and body thing. its not something from god its something you have gained your self and have been using it and inhanceing it. so yes im sure you do have healing powers.

  4. Healing energy comes from spirit, through spirit, to spirit!
    Religion isn’t important for healing, it’s your own desire to be of service to those in need that will assist your development as a healer!
    Following your inner feelings towards helping someone is healing in operation & is all that is required on your part!
    Don’t expect physical miracles even though they can occur, healing of the mind is sometimes more important!
    My best wishes go to you in your endeavors!

  5. those who are judgemental need to just leave this poor person alone! if you have nothing nice to say – that’s right don’t say anything at all…. just because people have different gifts that you know nothing of and are too chicken to find out doesn’t mean you have a right to ridicule them… the disbelief is in YOU not the person with the gift!
    As for the inquirer – I too have been told that I have a powerful healing gift. I haven’t figured out how to tap into it yet. but God gives different gifts to different people for different reasons. but I agree – healing is ALWAYS good. good luck as you learn how to help yourself and others with this amazing gift! 🙂 thoughts and prayers coming your way…. 🙂


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