I have been reading up on Christ consciousness…..?





this topic obviously brings up alot of questions. Please only if you sincerely believe youve reached this state, answer. How do you feel once youve reached this (its also referred to as oneness, true self, samadhi) this is not just “finding Jesus” in a religious sense. I mean what we all seek when we meditate, seek spiritial growth, make the journey inward to higher consciousness. ( Sorry if Ive lost any of you, this is only for those who really are familiar). I want to know once you reach this state, what do you do with yourself. Text keeps on mentioning the cessation of the ego and duality (our instinct to believe that we are seperate from God and must fight to acccomplish our works with only human power) will all go away and we will have a peace that is not dependent on outer circumstances, because we will be looking at life through this whole new perspective. So does everything else just fall into place? Unlimited resources to do everlasting good? Do we act like God?


  1. I don’t want to sound rude but I don’t get into that mumbo-jumbo about duality and egos, etc… I do know that when I received Christ as my lord and savior, that I was still doing bad things, and couldn’t understand the Bible, and found it boring. But, one day in Enfield, Illinois at 9 am, at an oilwell we were drilling to my right (I’m a Geologist), I was sitting in a Ford Limited, snow on the ground, sun was out, I was facing south, car was toasty and I had a copy of a paraphrased edition of the Gospel of John. I prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit and received it through faith. I then started reading and couldn’t put it down for 8 years. Even to this day, I read nothing but the Bible or related books if I have time. I look at everything in this world differently, old people, kids, animals, the universe, etc…. I have spiritual discernment and can understand the Bible, finally. The Holy Spirit gives you the mind of Christ so you KNOW what is good and it is a part of Heaven you have already! I hope this helps you.

  2. Wow, I don’t know much about Christ consciousness, but, in Buddhist thought, enlightenment is a feeling of extreme compassion for all sentient beings, and a feeling of happiness, joy, and free from suffering.
    A feeling, that everyone can achieve, so good luck striving for it.

  3. You become perfect, with no will or wants, anything that happens is perfect since you have no wants, you see everything with a sense that can be described as unbearable compassion, your ambition has been dismantled and you are content with the way things are. You have no fear of anything because you understand your essence is infinite, limitless, beautiful, and that the notion of death is as irrelevant to you as the notion of birth.

  4. We are only able to transcend our circumstance if we put our lives in HIS care,and thrust HIS purpose in all the circumstances in our lives.Good bad and the ugly we will be content only if we truly trust in his divine purpose in all things in our lives.To live is Christ to die is gain remember this.Shalom

  5. Very few people have reached a higher state of consciousness. One being Buddha, one being Jesus…and a few dozen more. I am doubting that one is currently viewing your question.
    Sinister, you are talking about an altered state sweet heart. Please buy a beginning Psychology book to understand the levels of consciousness.

  6. well, i had a little chymical assistance in this area. but i can tell you that it is the most liberating feeling! connected to EVERYTHING. so much so, that you can sense the stream of thoughts in the universe and download them in your mind. sort of like in that jim carry movie Bruce almighty.
    your aura is outstanding and so are that of others and you can tell where one ends and another begins….in that sense, we are all one.

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