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I have been learning to harness my chi but I need help?

I can now zone out and channel my chi to various parts of the body such as my hand and I can feel it between my palms the only problem is: what is the next step?? what do I do from here to reach the next stage.

And to all you ignorant peeple out their who do not beleive: “Chi is just a name for our life force.” using the unknown parts of our brain and subconscous mind we can learn to control and harness this life force that is all around us (chi) through meditation and persistence. It is a genetic trait which we all have the ability to do it is just that western culture denies it in our lives and so through propaganda it is forgotten and dismissed but now we have the knowledge to learn how to use it once more like our ancestors did and like the east still do.

Now you see the light do some research and try find out the truth for yourselves “One must learn to feel the energy before one can harness it” – if you cant feel what your harnessing how else do you know your harnessing anything.


  • With legs crossed, or in a kneeling position, your spine needs to be as straight as possible so as not to inhibit chi. Feel it growing in your abdominal area and let it spread throughout your nervous system–from the anus to the brain. If you slouch, you will not receive the full benefit of chi. Clinch the sphincter muscles of the anus as you meditate. This is an approved method for harnassing chi.

  • I find meditation very relaxing. And yes, I can make a sensation wander about my body when I’m deeply relaxed and in control of my thoughts. It is this sensation, no doubt, that is what you are talking about, and what has been talked about for centuries.

    I don’t know what explains it. I don’t know what it is, or what it can do. Fantastic claims have been made, but nothing has come from any scientific examination of it. My guess is that it is explainable from an entirely natural standpoint, and that there is nothing fantastic or supernatural about it. It doesn’t give you any “powers” more than what you already have.

    I won’t say that there is absolutely nothing to it. But I will tell you this: Skepticism is not something to abhor, as you have in your question. Live it, love it, welcome it at every turn. How are you going to ever learn ANYTHING about ANYTHING unless you ask the hard questions of it?

    If there is such a “life force”, do you really think it can be harnessed by someone who doesn’t know a thing about it?

  • There are no unknown parts of the brain. At some point in your life, you use every single part of your brain, and I don’t mean you specifically, but in the abstract term as in *everybody*. There is no “life force” that you can control, and it is certainly not genetic.

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