Home Discussion Forum I have astral precognition sense what do i do?

I have astral precognition sense what do i do?

Like how do I control it and all and what are some tips
And also what exactly is it
And no rude comments


  1. Some psychics say it is ruthlessly suppressed in most people. Apparently you have escaped that. If you want to use it, you might study how some of the others have struggled with their ‘gifts’.

  2. your lucky i love talking abot this stuff.
    1. don’t demonstrait your ability because the more you use it the more easier you will be able to use it. Like not haveing to sleep
    2. you can visualize a type of spiritual avatar like as an animal or another super natraul creature which would be good because if you have this ability someone else might and the might want to be the only one of their kind and other such things could occur.
    3. But first practice, practice practice. You could achieve this method by sleeping or meditating.


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