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I have an 8 week old Yorkie-Pom. I think I may have poisoned her…..please help?

She has no fleas or eggs she is supper clean but I rubbed in some joba butter with gotu kola to maybe help and today she is life-less. I washed her very good with Aveeno Baby shampoo.- now she just sleeps and won’t walk around much.


  1. Well if you think you poisoned your dog, what the heck are you doing on the computer asking a bunch of people who cannot help you?!!
    Get her to a vet NOW. Good grief.

  2. why would you put all of that stuff on your puppy, you just said nothing was wrong with her in the first place! She could have eaten anything you put on her. If you feel you have poisoned your puppy you need to contact your vet.

  3. take her to the vet. i have no idea what it is you rubbed into her coat but dogs lick themselves to clean their coat. so she probably ate the whole thing.
    it could also be something else. pups do get sick especially when they are young.

  4. well shes still just a puppy , I just got a puppy
    who’s 5 weeks annd she sleeps all because there only
    babies, its just like bringing home a new born baby, all they
    do is sleep, which is because there growing .

  5. I would get your puppy to the vet.
    Why dod u rub joba butter with gotu kola in to your dog???
    Have i never heard of rubbing that into a dog.
    Get her to a vet.
    If u don’t no if something is safe or not for your dog, u should always call your vet and ask for advice!!!
    Not just put it on and hope…
    Hope this helps u mate.
    Good luck to your little puppy x

  6. Give her something to eat. Her blood sugar might be too low. Hypoglycemia is a problem in small breed young puppies. If she doesn’t perk up or eat call your vet. Oh and stop rubbing that crap into her it doesn’t do anything.

  7. OH MY GOD!!
    If you just poisoned your puppy get to a flippin vet how are we supposed to help???!!! and what were you thinking when you decided to put a bunch of random stuff on her anyways? Geez it gets a little annoying when people think their pet is dying so they decide to ask a bunch of people on the computer possibly half way around the world and who can totally lie about anything.
    No offense I’m venting my anger.

  8. Try giving her some karo syrup or pancake syrup.If she perks up,feed her some protein and carbs ( chicken and rice or dry puppy food). Toy breeds are prone to low blood sugar,and it will kill her if it goes too low. And stop rubbing stuff on her! If she doesn’t improve after the corn syrup,get her to an emergency vet.


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