I have a succubus in my house, any suggestions on getting rid of it?

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I have a gift of seeing beyond the pale, and I am able to feel spirits around me all the time, I sometimes here them while I am in bed or if I am alone . I have also been attacked several times (no joke) while drifting of to sleep, and feel drained after it happens, I believe its a succubus and would appreciate any help on getting rid of it…

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weeeeeiiiirrrrdddd .


lol if you seriously believe that shit you need mental help


You need to contact a priest or TV televangelist such as Benny Hinn or Pat Robertson to perform an exorcism. Then contact the media to televise it. It would also good you could get a video of yourself being sexually assaulted by the succubus, just to show those skeptical atheists who refuse to believe in the power of the holy spirit.


i see ghosts


Ask a priest?

Just Johny

One succubi only visit dreams and when you are alone where you sleep an I know I have had one for quite a while. An two there is no guide to ridding succubi/incubus’


Aren’t they the ones that sit on your chest when you’re asleep? No idea how to help you though, except for seeing a Priest! Hope you get rid of it soon!! x


Belief in the Lord usually works. That is what St. Patrick was talking about.


Either a psychiatrist or an exorcist – or an agent if you plan to sell your story


A succubus takes the form of a female to temp males especialy monks into sex so you should be ok as you are a woman


Maybe some holy water sprinkled around just before you sleep?

Mr Toooo Sexy

Ive delt with one also. and with the lame people who Ive gone for help to just get treated like its my imagination.The only thing that Ive seen help is getting close to Jesus,Rebuking it in His name,and playing Christian worship music.Ive had a experience too when I went to a funeral or out of town it made it weak.I wish more was known about this


try a circle of salt around your bed. If it persists, definately get your place exorcised.
Spirits aren’t all bad but attacking you while you’re sleeping can be really unpleasant, if not downright scary. I know, i was attacked by a scary one once and it threw me against a wall, Not Cool.


some good healthy masturbation should get rid of that


are ye sure its not a pookah a 6 feet tall rabbit by the name of harvey? there only is one way to rid a house of a succubus and that is send me a naked pic of yourself i have to go before the chamber of elders and they have to make sure your genuine and not a familar of satan thats why i need the naked pic to make sure you have no signs of the anti-christ. then it goes to the bishop he has a good look then back to me. i could speed it up but i can only do it in person


ooo scary , most haunted is on tomorrow night ,cant wait


please read up on sleep paralysis and hypnagogic state
this is a natural common occurrence that happens either on point of sleep or on wakening
the symptoms include , heaviness on the body/chest area
numbness all over except for feet and face
a presence felt in the room with you and sometimes hallucinatory images or sound
this occurrence has had people believing in incubus/succubus , alien abductions and more commonly old hag syndrome
this can be dealt with by doctors if it is frequent
but most of all please do not worry it is not harmful although can feel incredibly frightening

sarah c

You have sleep paralysis. Its very common. There is nothing external in your house, so stop worrying.
Heres a link where you can get more information.
And I think you may mean ‘beyond the veil’. Beyond the pale means worse than the worse thing you can imagine, it comes from an atrocity in Russia where 100,000 people in a ghetto called The Pale were murdered.


Give this company a call, Athanor Consulting. http://athanor.firedrake.org/
Have a chat and see what they say. It might be something or nothing, but they will assist you.

Graham I

Succubi traditionally prey on people deprived of sex, for example monks. The most straightforward cure would be not to deprive yourself of sex. I assume from other questions that you may have moral/religious beliefs in this regard, so I don’t mean this flippantly, but finding yourself a partner would probably solve your problem.


Have you thought of putting a white light of protection around yourself and asking your god to protect you, my youngest son who is now nine used to have a very bad spirit that interferred with his sleep, i did the above and i actually saw a large man in a white cloak surrounded in white light come out of my wall and beckon the spirit off of my sons bed, he then surrounded the spirit with his cloak and light and disappeared through my wall. We haven’t had any problems since

jay c

A succubus/incubus is normally attracted to some form of negative energy which you may be unconsciously emitting.
Check your emotions are your feeling down, angry, hurt etc
A good idea would be to do a chakra cleansing with the white light using visualisation. Make sure you open and close each chakra one by one starting with the base chakra. Light some strong incense as most negative spirits cant stand the smell.
Also visualise a flaming circle around you, this is your psychic protection. The more you do it the more powerful it becomes.
Using a Red Indian smudge stick you can also clear your home and the place where you sleep of bad energy.
Also while you are in a meditative trance you can communicate with the succubus and ask it what it wants, do not be afraid it feeds on your fear!
You may be surprised at the answers.
Remember you are in control!
Do not worry it cannot possess you.
If all else fails you can pray to the Archangel Michael and ask him to protect you and to banish the spirit.
Remember when asking a higher power for help you must approach them without ego. Michael transcends all religions and is the divine protector always willing to kick arse!
Stay away from wackjob Christians and their brainwashed ideas.
Satan/Lucifer/Loki the Trickster is also an aspect of the Great Spirit just a very misunderstood one. Remember it is what you think that matters the most, only you know yourself apart from the Almighty. Energy or Spirit is neither Good or Evil. Good and Evil are man made concepts and have absoulutely nothing to do with God or the devil.The devil is not to blame for all the misfortunes that plague our world, it is idiotic religious nuts with their superstitious rubbish and ‘my way is better than your way atittude ‘which has destroyed all unity and happiness on this planet.
You do not have to go to a church or visit a self appointed ‘Man/woman of God’ they dont know diddly.
You possess the power, don’t give it away, believe it!

vlad III the impaler

most people feel or see things as they fall asleep or are just waking. you must have dreamt you were falling and been woken by your leg jerking, similar thing.


what in the world is a succubus?
i believe you’re being attacked by demons, satanic spirits.
if you’ve been involved with any type of voodoo, witchcraft, satanic powers, rituals, satanci games, anything to do with things like this; cards, palm reading….ouiji boards anything that ‘s evil & of darkness: well you’ve opened up the door of your soul to satan.
satan is so real. either u’ve known about this or don’t even know. maybe you’re not even aware of it, but it’s real & very dangerous too.
now you’ve opened up your soul to the devil, you need help. the only person in the world that can help u is Jesus christ. you’re going to have to find a good christian church & have them pray for you. lay hands on you & cast out whatever & however many demons, spirits that may be in your life.
if you’re near the chino/chino hills, ca area: you can look for us.
praise chapel christian fellowship/chino hills, ca.
the demons/spirits will torment you until u get rid of them. only god’s holy spirit can set you free & god’s word from the bible.
somewhere, somehow a door has been opened up to your soul for this to happen.
only u know.
so turn to god, u need to be the one to ask god to take these demonic spirits, demons, evil & bad spirits out of you.
ask god to deliver you, but u need to have some holy ghost, on fire for god, christians lay their hands on you & pray.
don’t wait, b/cuz if u wait: it may be too late.


The interesting thing is, no matter where on the web I go, there is no real information available on getting rid of a succubus. The closest it information on how to defeat psychic vampires – and the most they seem to recommend is some blooming Bach Flower Remedy and changing your socks.
However, I have done some research online which could be of use to you – or at least, a first step towards alleviating your problem.
If I find out more, I will let you know.


ask it to go, you never know it may just be waiting for you to tell it to go


The Authority of Jeus Christ and the power of The Holy Spirit can deal with anything. In fact, nothing else can deal with spirits of any magnitude. Don’t believe those that trust in spiritualist, shamanic, mental or psychic tricks. Spirits like to play games and those people are their toys. I know. I used to be one of them until I was exorcised.

Ice Queen

Get an Incubus to keep it company.

Gloria J

Oh dear, I know how you feel. There is only one way you can rid of this and that’s to go and see an elder or have a Bible study, this way you will learn about what you have and why. I can’t give you much information here, but I do give on line Bible studies. Please don’t ever talk to them. Go and get a Bible and open it at Mathew 4 v10. If you believe in the devil and what you have comes from him, then you must believe in God. Try praying OUT LOUD.BUT he will only answer your prayer if you use his personal name, either Yahweh or Jehovah and end the prayer with, ”through your son Jesus Christ Amen” If you want some help contact me. I have been through what you are going through now, These things have been known to drive people to suicide and/or end up in the nut house and there is a good reason why they do it.


I too suffered from the presence of succubus in my house. Its terrifying waking up and feel a tremendous power over yourself. Its undescribible. I try and scream but nothing comes out. I am unable even raise my pinky. Every inch of me is pressed down. I keep my eyes shut–although i could open them if i wanted but im to scared to what i might see. This proves I am conscience and not just some lunatic
Its happened several times.
Anyways I discussed it with my aunt and she told me its happened to her in the past before. She said the greatest way of it leaving is if you just repeat the name of Christ over and over and ask him to protect you from. YOU MUST TRULY MEAN IT THOUGH.
Yeah, so I tried it …
And praise be to Jesus it worked!
Since then there I havent been visited by that evil being again.
**sleeping on your stomach isnt such a bad idea either 🙂 **


it reminds me of one night.
I was sleeping(of course) and in my dream it was dark (but i was conscious of it) and I started to suffocate. I was woken in the middle of the night to where I was suffocating but it felt like there was a pair of hands around my neck, and there was a small weigh on my chest despise nothing being there.
I couldn’t move anything but my eyes to which I look around; my hands were held tight on the edge of my sheet but the sheet was held just above my neck which felt heavy. I tried very hard to get a breath in but I could do was let air OUT,
As i lost feeling of my body, i turned to my eyes to my left to where i noticed a black fly, an ordinary fly but as my eyes focused on it, I saw that it seemed to be going very slowly, its little wings moving in slow-mo.
With little left to do, I felt the last of my breath seeping out and the rest of body receding away from my mind. the Last thing i felt that night was my eyes slowly closing, I felt no pain, No Fear, No Regret, just a emotion like seeing a Flat land devoid anything, and in the horizon the sun is disappearing into distance
And to that my eyes are shut…
I woke up the next morning with a start, trying to remember the night before and trying to make sense of it. I couldn’t help but think that so how, I died.


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