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I have a strong INFP personality, yet paradoxically I am an atheist….I need advice for balance?

I have always had a naturally strong INFP personality (very artsy, creative, sensitive) my whole life, yet I have also gained a strong scientific/intellectual side to myself over the last 15 years. The problem with this in my life is that my INFP personality needs to be soothed with some sort of spiritual balance or awakening, yet my beliefs from all that I have learned from education/ science/ rationality all prevent me from being able to actually subscribe to any deity or sense of spirituality. Its as though my brain is pitted against itself…..or to put it better…..its as though my brain was designed to crave a particular fuel that in actuality it can’t run off of. Does anyone else face this dilemma? Is there any advice people going through a similar battle can give me so that I can find balance in this paradoxical situation?


  1. what use are your personality type labels? you are YOU and you believe what you believe. you need to stop identifying yourself as a certain “type” of person and loosen up more.

  2. I have been down this road plenty of times in the past. Trying to find a sense of spirituality, but not believing that there is a deity to believe in. I’m an ex evangelist. This blackened my heart to not even want anything to do with religion, and I still feel the same. Once I started getting into finding a spiritual sense of being, instead of religious, I found meditation. Meditation has helped me in so many ways. Also the knowledge of the universe and it’s laws helped put the pieces together for me. I would look into studying the universal laws. I feel this is what you were searching for, also what your brain needs. If you have anymore questions, I’m open for discussion via email. Kudos.

  3. (May peace be upon you)
    I read your question and would like to talk to you regarding it. I would appreciate it if you are willing to talk to me about the same. I would be glad to help you out.
    I would be glad if you could take out sometime from your busy schedule and talk to me. I will see to it that I do not waste your time. There is no harm in giving it a try, is there?

  4. Wanting to be spiritual has nothing to do with being an INFP. Spirituality is a personal values thing. It’s not a personality thing.
    Facebook has an INFP group that has two long running threads. One asks who in the Facebook group are Christians and who are athiests. Both have the same number of responses. The INFPs that reply in either thread seem completely at peace with their decision on their beliefs. So what we believe in spirituality has nothing to do with being an INFP. However, how we go about applying those beliefs to everyday is affected by our personality type, i.e. How often we discuss it, how often we attend or don’t attend church, etc.


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