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I have a question on Taoism?

I have to read out of book on Taoism and its put into comics. My comic is “Water Resembles Virtue.” Can someone tell me what this means, like what it’s trying to say? I have an idea, but am not sure. Thanks all.


  1. “The best of man is like water,
    Which benefits all things, and does not contend with them,
    Which flows in places that others disdain,
    Where it is in harmony with the Way.
    So the sage:
    Lives within nature,
    Thinks within the deep,
    Gives within impartiality,
    Speaks within trust,
    Governs within order,
    Crafts within ability,
    Acts within opportunity.
    He does not contend, and none contend against him. “

  2. In Taoism, behaving virtuously means being flexible, following the path of least resistance. They use water as an analogy because it blindly follows the deterministic laws of nature. It doesn’t resist. It goes with the flow.


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