I have a question about out of body experiences and lucid dreaming?

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I want to have out of body experiences and lucid dreaming on command. During the OBE, I want it to be 100% lucid and I want to be in 100% control. How can I make this happen?

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Colleen and Michael C

You can’t quite do it on command, with out some equipment, but you can improve your odds by, before going to bed at night just looking at the mirror and telling yourself that you are going to have lucid dreams and you are going to be in control.

Lamont M

either do drugs or pray for a miracle these type of things are IMPOSSIBLE to control


Take some LSD & quaaludes man

HorseLove <3

It is hard to be 100% in control of a lucid dream, because then it’s like being awake. For some reason I have lucid dreams at least once a week. I don’t like them because in them I always get really angry or frustrated by getting up and realising that the people in my dream are not in my house. I’m always afraid that I will do something that I will regret later on when I wake up and see, “Oh crap! Did I break the lamp?!”
I don’t know why I always have them, but even just saying to yourself before bed, this will happen, could help a little.

Natalie S

I have OBEs and lucid dreams all the time and it takes years of practice to get in control of OBEs. Sometimes you get pulled back in your body! Lucid dreams on the other hand are easy to control, that is the whole point.
You may be talented to the point that you can control everything. If you want help you can join our group in yahoo group called astral explorers and read are posts to see what real OBEs are like and read some techniques that we use.

Tom 1

Give this a shot: http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/new-simplified/index.html
After a week of fitting this into spare moments, the duration, control and clarity of my OBEs suddenly sky-rocketed.
A more common method people use when they go out of body but feel a bit average is just to make an assertive demand, “CLARITY NOW!” and expect results. Sometimes this works for me, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s about 50:50.


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