I have a question about my aura ?? my energy levels are changing in a weird way?

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i seem to be waiting for something to come out, maybe a new energy a new part thats ready to be unfolded ?? can anyone scence Auras if so what can you see in mine??

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a new level of consciousness through time and life experience.

Captain Sarcastic - The Captain

IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!


Stay off the muscle juice!
just playing.
you’ve been prolly working on something or contemplating a big decision.. finishing school? going on a trip? getting married..


it is good.i am also increasing my energy.

Meeghan t

its very hard for people to do so via the internet. so mostlikely if they say yes they cant really seem them. or there just lying to you
find someone who can and then ask


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any one care to discuss???? Im serious…?

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