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I have a problem with interlock ignition device after a decade of loss, it is not enough debt to Arizona..?

In 1998 I picked up and ended my commercial apprenticeship with The Helm Corporation a Mechanical Contractor out of Denver and run a residential new construction Plumbing company with an endless number of Cracker Jack Box Homes to plumb. My Dad after 25 year Master Plumbing Career got licensed, bonded and insured a company of his own, got his “foot in the door” with a huge tract home developer in the epicenter of a booming housing market that transplanted 3 million Americans into Metro Phoenix and surrounding cities from 1980-2000… I learned every Phase of residential new construction plumbing underground’s, top-out’s, trims and that residential construction homes go up fast and cheap and after work I enjoyed frequenting a circuit of club’s and bar’s. I had racked up 3 DUI’s by the motion of continuance to put off the damage(at the time a day in jail was damage) as long as I could from the first 1, and the 2nd, then I picked up the 3rd DUI in June 2001 and was book into jail with $30,000 bond, Indicted by a Grand Jury, and served three
Class 4 Felony’s… June 25 2001 I was sentenced to the AZ DEPT. OF CORRECTIONS and released Feb 2004 with 4year’s of probation. Let’s say the 25 year old go getter that went on the Grey goose tour of Arizona wasn’t the same and probation didn’t last long… After a sick animal is rehabilitated and caged up the animal doesn’t act the same after the “release” and most won’t reintegrate back into the wild, right??? I was released Sept 2007 with 5 month’s of parole, same old story except a few more of a man’s greatest year’s down the tubes violated parole and sent back to finish 3 month’s of the parole completing the DOC term’s for the DUI’s. The beginning of my incarceration I was booked and sent to level 5, 4, 3 yard’s throughout the years. Those last 3 months I had a spiritual awakening… I came to a point where I realized my life would never be and I could waste away in prison turning old and frail… Today I’m 34 and just passed the 12 month’s of interlock ignition I was sentenced to with no alcohol fails, in fact I have been clean since 2007… last month I was late blowing into the machine on 3 separate occasion’s due to a faulty ignition in my 4runner and still blew 000’s 7, 8, and 9 minutes after the 3 requests to submit… The device locked up and I had to go to the calibration site, charged $75 and told the mvd would contact me about an extension which I soon received in the mail extending the interlock devise for another year. I requested a hearing with the Executive Hearing Office held yesterday over the phone. The judge can void the extension or continue the sanction. The violation is tampering to circumvent the IID in which I explained would be impossible to catch a buzz during the three 7, 8, and 9 minute period’s that I didn’t submit a sample… and blow 000”s directly after… I also explained that I have had no violation since fixing my ignition cylinder. The judge will vacate the extension directly after I send the receipt from the mechanic that fixed the ignition and I will be finished with those dui’s from 2000/2001 completely… Now I can’t find the receipt and have been thinking of forging one just to finally be rid of this… I left a message with the judge around 4pm yesterday and haven’t heard anything back… I need some good suggestion’s because the thoughts I’m having are unstable and self defeating but if printing up a receipt that I lost and faxing it to her can’t hurt, right??? Do you think she will call the mechanic??? She said she just needed the document to write her decision out… My mechanic is sketchy and doesn’t want to deal with the court’s so this is what really foul’s me up… If I tell the judge my mechanic doesn’t want to deal with the court’s what is going to think??? I think she said a 3 day hold is in place towards the end of the hearing, I hope that means I have 3 day’s to fax the receipt???
I would like to thank you in advance for spending some time getting to know my dark past and ask that comment’s are respectful and directed to solving the problem not what I could have done differently because the past is gone and I can’t change it but I can recommend frequenting your local library’s, find out what law’s politician’s are making, current event’s, learn the law’s that apply to you, there are MANY… I wish I would have known not having a license aggravated a DUI from a misdemeanor to a Felony…
Since I can’t pick them all, I will do my best to choose what I think is the best solution…


  1. Don’t forge anything, that will just screw you all over again.
    You have to go to the mechanic, not phone or email him.
    Get him to give you another receipt
    That’s the only safe way.
    Glad to see you are making a real effort to clean up your act, don’t fall at this last hurdle.
    Look. If the worst happens they just extend the sanction – that’s a Hell of a lot better than fouling up with a forgery charge or going off the rails.
    Just tough it out a while longer.
    Good luck for the future.

  2. A) Don’t stress — it’s LABOR DAY WEEKEND after all, and you can bet all the court employees are OFF. You won’t hear from them before Tuesday, at the EARLIEST.
    B) Go to staples and buy a receipt book. Take it to your mechanic, and have him write out a receipt. This way, if you (or he) are ever subpeonaed or questioned, the receipt stands as a legal honest receipt — he did the work, he wrote out a receipt. End of story.
    No faking it, no criminal activity. He can date it whenever. If he doesn’t want to do it, tell him he HAS TO or you end up with another year of interlock, and then you’ll SUE HIM for the expense and aggravation (which as you know, in AZ, can be thousands of dollars!). I bet that sobers him up (no pun intended) real fast.
    c) On the 3 day hold thing, I really am not sure what that is, but seeing it’s Labor Day weekend, it might be 3 BUSINESS days, which would be thru Tuesday, since you’d have had today, tomorrow and Tuesday (Sat, Sun not business days and Mon legal holiday, so…). I would call them tomorrow to make sure.
    Good luck!


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