I have a problem in my emotional chakra ,how can I balance it?how cani improve my chakras ?is it possible?

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what is deferent between ,clean chakra and balancing and open? the main guestion is how can i solve my problems in emotional chakra?

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Leroy S

there is no difference because none of them exist


close your eyes and think of the colors im not sure which color stands for emotional chakra purple ii think


There are meditation tapes to help to visualize strengthening the chakras, and also certain crystals might help.
I’m not sure which chakra you mean, one below the navel is orange, the solar plexus is yellow. Visualizing those colours in the right places might help.

old cat lady

In Reiki the Three Diamonds are the earth energy chakra or hara, the head or spiritual energy hara and the heart hara.
My daily meditations include bringing the earth energy and spiritual energy into my body and putting them both in my heart hara.
If all three haras are not in balance you can have problems with one area or another.


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