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I have a lot of negative engery around me and I need to get rid of it; Is there a way?

I can’t go ghost hunting because of this negative energy around me. I need to get rid of this energy. Is there a spell or cleansing prayer that I can pray or recite to get rid of this negative energy?


  1. Simply say: “I surround myself in the great white light of all that is positive and for the greater good of all beings in the universe, allowing only that which is for my greater good to pass through into my aura (or true self) and sending all other forces back to where they came”. Then visualize yourself being surrounded in bright white light.
    But do be careful with this ghost hunting as you might get more than you bargained for!

  2. ‘Negative energy’ is a metaphor for feeling bad; it is not an actual thing or form of energy. It doesn’t actually exist, it’s all in your head if you think it does. ‘Negative energy’ isn’t stopping you from seeing ghosts, the lack of ghosts is stopping you from seeing ghosts.

  3. I have good news for you. “Negative energy” is a myth. There is actually no such thing, at least that anyone can show. Energy has a precise definition in physics and engineering, but in the paranormal it is a meaningless word. Perhaps you mean that you feel down, anxious, afraid, tired, or perhaps a similar feeling. A good cure is two-fold: start feeling better about yourself by getting exercise and staying in shape, and also make an effort to better yourself or to help others. Both of these things will help to raise your spirits, so to speak. Unfortunately, real life problems require effort and determination to solve. Only in fantasies and make-believe are spells or cleansing rituals effective.

  4. Negative energy? No way. Unless you have a lot of negative people as friends, there is no such thing. If your friends are all negative, move on to some others. Non-existent negative energy is something we make up. Get out and take a walk. Surround yourself with this beautiful world!

  5. Depends on what sort of energy you’re talking about. I mean negative energy could be a ghost, could be energy you picked up from another person, could be stuck within YOU, could be in your environment. In which case what to do would be different things. Could you clarify, please?

  6. Crystals are always good, they’re like a sponge for bad energys. You can try protection spells, you could try to ask it to leave. Make sure if you say anything, to say it nicely,
    Email me for more help


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