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I have a friend who says she is able to read peoples auras i was wondering ..?

is it possible?
Shes explained to be different peoples aura colors. Apparently mine is a verity of colors that is very intense and hard to read.


  1. Yes, but you’re probably only hard to read because you don’t believe in it. You wouldn’t be asking if you did.

  2. She is seeing ‘color fringes’. A common cause of this is drinking the sort of cough syrups which have a lot of Chloroform added (partly to discourage you drinking them).
    If she cuts down on the cough syrup, the auras may disappear.

  3. yes, well people have different personalities and backgrounds which she can depict by “colors” friends are harder to read because you’re around them all the time. people who are mean have a dense and dark aura, people who are mischevious are confusing and grey, people who are happy and gleeful are bright variety of colors…that’s what i think ^_^

  4. She could i guess but i don’t really believe it
    Aura is the color surrounding someone that they give off
    but in my opinion your moods are constantly changing
    An aura is simply the energy people feel you give off not see
    for example did you ever notice when someone is more cheerful and before you even talked to them you instantly feel slightly happier in your environment just by being around them?

  5. she can not read peoples auras she is pulling your leg sense this is april fools

  6. Friends are harder to read than strangers because the mind adapts to ignore the auras of people who the seer hangs around the most. She’s just so used to looking at you that she looks past your aura and forgets to notice it.

  7. i can see auras so i think its the truth but seeing them in color is hard (i can only see a clearish aura no color yet and i don’t know anyone who can see them in color)

  8. It is entirely possible. All an aura is is the reflection of someone’s energy. It’s not usually visible, but some are able to see it, I can occasionally and my friend can. It looks like the person is glowing in color. You can be hard to read if your energy is different than what she may be used to. (Least, that’s been my experience)


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