I have a deck of tarot playing cards by fournier does anyone no the meanings or a website?

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When I bought a deck of tarot cards, there was a book that shown all the meanings. Wierd… Anyways, I think this is a great website:

Silly Salamander is Sexy!

Fournier is a publisher; it doesn’t specify what the cards are like. What type of cards are they? You might be able to interpret them like any other Tarot deck if they have the same Major and Minor Arcana.
Here’s a link to Tarotpedia explaining the Major and Minor Arcana: http://www.tarotpedia.com/wiki/Tarot_Cards

Rev. Lynn D.

Tarot cards started in the 15th century as playing cards but they are not used for that purpose currently. They are a divination tool used by psychics to receive messages from spirit.
For meanings of traditional Tarot cards, there are many many books written on the subject that can be found at most book stores, especially the larger ones.You can also take classes at a New Age Bookstore or do a google search for ” Tarot card meaning.”

Laura Colvin Brown

Two great web resources for you to learn tarot card reading with any deck you choose:


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