I have a CHI question ?

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I would like to hear your oppinions on CHI. I myself am a firm believer in it “not to the point to knock someone out without touching them” but having that 6th scense of knowing without seeing what will come next or where your opponent is coming from and that feeling of energy that runs through your body. Its not just adreniline but the being able to Harness adrenaline, that is what we call CHI. What are your thoughts? (no wrong answers) even stupid ones are excepted if thats the way you want to live your life.

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James D

If what your saying is being comprehended by me correctly, i would say your theory of “mystical” Chi is actually just a description of the bodies energy and thus KJ.
Chi is designed to make you focus and thus fight better it is not something to harness it is something to believe in to take your mind off other things thus increasing your bodies efficiency and effectiveness.




Umm.. sounds more like common sense to me.


You can easily experience it this way… try to open a super tight can, where do you use??? That is CHI.

SiFu frank

Chi or life energy is kind of a catch all term for many things to do with Martial Arts, physical training and mental ability. In one aspect it is about breathing which energizes the body and keeps adrenalin in balance during extreme stress. In another aspect it is about the sudden release of stress hormones that can give increased acuity of vision, improved hearing and burst of extraordinary strength. Yet another is about the flow of blood and synovial fluids in the body None of these aspects require any thing supernatural. All of these aspects have been well documented and have a scientific base in biology and physiology.
As for the supernatural aspect of Chi I can only suggest that you go with whatever faith system you have. I can not deny the sometimes extra ordinary things I have experienced in my lifetime. I know there are also a lot of charlatans and pretenders out there giving Martial Arts a black eye. My rule of thumb in life is “If it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t”


I agree with much that you say here and will add an example that I use with my students. If a person picked up a rock and threw it at a small target fifty feet away and hit it then that would be a pretty good shot. Some or many might even call it a lucky shot. That same person could probably pick up twenty or thirty more rocks and not repeat that or hit it again with maybe only one or two rocks. Suppose instead if a person could, with each rock, hit the target or with the majority of them. I think we would all agree that is a tremendous example of their body, muscles, and senses, (in this case their aim and eye sight) all working together at a very high level. Their entire body, including their senses, operating in unison and with harmony to accomplish something. If a martial artist could develop his skills and ability to that level with regards to his techniques and the execution of them then that would be a very high level of skill. Being able to do that on demand all the time or most of the time to me is also the meaning of Ki or Chi-just like picking up that rock and hitting the target with that first throw.


I think you got some good answers from John and Frank. I hope you have abetter understanding now. This is how I would answer.
OUTSIDE of martial arts/ traditional medicine
being able to harness adrenaline is being able to harness adrenaline
a feeling of energy is a feeling of energy
very good awareness is very good awareness
just as health means health, speed means speed, balance means balance, strength means strength,
and CHI means NOTHING ! If someone talks about chi power they are ignorant or trying to con you.
WITHIN the martial arts/health most of the time an observer can translate the word CHI to mean EFFICIENCY. And efficiency can mean ‘knocking someone out with a one inch punch.’ If someone throws someone forcefully without using visible force she is using ‘chi’ which is to say she is making a very efficient movement (which is often not visible and to the observer there is a ‘time delay’ between the cause and effec). If she is aware of what is going on all around her, eg sparring with 8 opponents simultaneously, she is focussing her attention very efficiently, not using it all on one target. If she causes incredible damage with a single blow she is again using the type of efficency that is trained through martial arts practices such as tai’chi. 98% of the time there is nothing overly mysterious about chi.
I find BK Frantzis and Park Bok Nam give some good explanations, buy their books now! or try these two clips and read the comments
Jerry Shaw Fa Jing
Classical Tai Chi – Tao of Martial Arts Applications
BEWARE OF ANYONE TRYING TO IMPRESS WITH THEIR ‘CHI POWERS’ ! Most youtube clips are not ‘fake’ but are many are demonstrated in unrealistic situations by people who don’t have enough basic abilities ie stability to stand a chance in real combat. Do not learn from them ! A teacher teaches, a show off shows off, big difference.


Chi as a concept simply refers to the body’s ability to self regulate its functions. It is also attempts to describe good/bad states in terms of behavior/diet/karma etc… In this respect, chi is a useful concept with merit (though not of the scientific kind). It is a useful abstraction, nothing more.

Sensei Scandal

There is too much mis-information here from people who know nothing about this subject.
The term “qi” or “chi” means nothing more than “air”.
It has nothing to do with “harnessing adrenaline” or any other biochemical function of the body.
The oxygen we live off of is absorbed into the body and through “qigong” the electrons in the atoms we are made from are accelerated and this creates a strong magnetic field within us.
It is pure energy from within generated through the manifesting of our breath.
We can use this energy to heal ourselves, others, or to enhance our art – but the ultimate goal of developing your “qi” is optimal health and ultimately – Longevity.
It is a God given gift that many choose to remain ignorant about.
It is the “Breath of Life”.


chi is the energy dont be ignorant its real chi is energy period. its not senses its not adrenaline it make shapen senses but thats not what it is


how can I can I develp my psychic powers?

Please I am not kidding. Only answer if you are serious.

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