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i hate girl drama?

OK as i said b4 this summer i met a girl. we hooked up but i didnt want it to go on if she wasnt cool that i didnt want a relationship, and that i wanted to be free. She was the one getting me into it hooking up with me and i just couldnt resist. ive made it clear to her that what we had wasnt serious. she said ok and choosed to still hook up, then i found a girl i fell in love with and asked her out. but the other girl is spreading rumors about me. many of you said karma is a bitch but i really did not do anything its summer and i wasnt that attracted to the other girl. Her and her friends wont shut their mouth. what do i do. if you say i deserve it ill be pissed


  1. Ignore the rumors. If the girl you are currently dating confronts you about it, just tell her the truth.
    People who matter won’t believe the rumors and people who believe the rumors don’t matter.

  2. Who doesn’t hate girl drama, it’s extremely petty. I don’t know what to tell you to do, but I can tell you what not to do.
    Don’t confront them, esp if you feel they’ll dig their claws into. Or in other words, if you try to explain yourself to THEM, just the mean girls who don’t know when to shut up, they will start cursing you out. How you hurt their dear friend, you’re an enemy of us women, you’re regret this, your girlfriend is so clueless, etc.
    You shouldn’t feel guilt, but only if your girlfriend is stressed out by this or something.. yeah. That’s all I have to put in.
    Good luck, I guess…


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