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I had my thyroid removed. Does this effect my throat chakra from being blocked?

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  1. I don’t know what chakra is, but having this gland removed will have no effect on your throat. However, there will be a constant struggle to keep your thyroid levels correct. An imbalanced thyroid can cause alot of havoc … such as low energy levels, loss of hair, weakness, and much more.

  2. The whole thing about having to open your chakras is a scam.
    If your chakras were actually closed, you’d be dead. They are the nodes through which your lifeforce travels. They are always open, or you’d be dead.

  3. No. Of course not.
    (And I feel your pain. I have Ord’s…my immune system carries my thyroid off in little chunks at a time…I’ve got about 1/3 left. Nothing like taking a pill the rest of your life to make you feel out of balance…)

  4. Ur Chakras are always open. Its just about making them operate/vibrate at their proper level/frequency.
    Do the meditation on all the seven Chakras and u will be just fine.
    Just about 20 minutes total or 3 minutes on each chakra 3-5 times a week if u r busy.
    Gud Luck!

  5. My friends wife had hers removed and she does Sahaja Yoga meditation so she is perfectly aware of how all the chakras are functioning and she has never mentioned having any particular problems although she said she feels much better since getting the operation.
    Having said that, problems with the thyroid are problems with the throat centre. Physical problems are mirrored by subtle problems, they are both aspects of the same thing.


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