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I had my aura read yesterday and did not understand this….?

Apparently I have my silver thread not attached. The therapist asked permission to reattach using a pendulem, and that was accepted.

no silly answers but can someone tell me what this means in Spiritual context.

Thanks you


  • The silver chord is what connects you to the other side and it cannot detach. The silver thread thing makes me think she is a fraud though because you literally cannot not be connected to the spiritual world.

    If you would like to heal your aura go into a meditative state, visualize your aura around you then visualize it being filled with a golden light that energizes it, then visualize it being whatever colour you want (not red, black brown or grey) colours like pink (love joy) green (healing) blue (peace harmony) yellow (vitality) or purple (spirituality) work well.

    Here are some links with more information.


  • Silver Thread:

    See Astral Projection. When a person is having an out-of-body experience, the astral body is said to be connected to the physical body by a silver thread, or cord. It doesn’t matter if the person astrally projects across the street or on the other side of the galaxy – the silver cord is always there to enable it to return to the body. If the silver cord breaks for any reason, the soul cannot return to the body, and thus the person dies.

    Google ‘aura/silver thread’. when the page comes up click uk, then there is a site – psychic centre which gives the above info.
    For some (?mystic) reason I cannot copy and paste the site!!

  • I’m not entirely sure..but I know etheric cords (fear based cords we subconsciously attach to people -such as an ex boyfriend or a therapist) need to be cut many times so we can move on from our lives. etheric cords are also attached to us, such as from a needy friend. and this is bad because these cords act like hoses, and take away our energy, give us unexplained headaches backaches etc….
    and silver threads are quite the opposite, they’re attached to loved ones, whom give us more energy and love. so when she said it wasn’t attached…….perhaps you might know now……?

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