I had heard that the Tibetan Masters have healing powers. Is this true? Are they like Shaman's or something?






  1. God is not an old man living in the sky, but Divine Consciousness, of which each of us is a tiny Spark, making us all very special and powerful if we did but realize it, *made in the image of God*, which is why we were advised to listen to the *still small voice (of God) within*..
    Thus our aliveness and consciousness are tiny aspects of that which we call God..
    If we cut our finger, all we have to do is to keep the site clean and, in around three days, it is healed almost without a mark!..That is a miracle, but so natural we dont even think about it!
    That Healing energy flows through everything that lives..It is an aspect of God which heals, creates and recreates..
    As a natural healer over many years, I have learned how to tap into that Divine Flow within us and direct it to another, as the Tibetan Masters demonstrate, as did Jesus also..That*s why he said *All these things and more shall you do also*..
    So we all have that same potential of being able to help and heal others, but the Soul of the recipient must be in alignment with that desire for it to totally heal another, for we create illness by our negative thinking and beliefs, and if we are not willing to change those beliefs then we will continue creating disharmony in our physical body, and any intervention by a healer will only be partially successful until such time as we do make that change..
    Noone can *do it* for another without their cooperation..It can only happen when the patient and healer are aligned..

  2. There are many forms of Shamanism. It is a highly respected profession wherein one serves his or her community as a spiritual leader. Providing guidance through psychic skills, healing abilities and communications with Divine spirit. Shamanism isn’t just a system of practice. It’s a way of acting, living, communing, and performing service on your chosen path of belief for your community. In other words, Shamanism isn’t a religion or spiritual belief unto itself. It’s a way of practicing service to the community along a person’s own chosen system of belief.
    Eastern Philosophy has long associated (and I think rightfully so) the affects of physical illness with a persons mental/emotional/spiritual perceptions. In other words, our own thought patterns affect the health of our body and mind. Each emotional thought pattern (conscious or subconscious) is really an underlying “cause” of a physical illness. Understanding the illness can help you address the cause and thereby working to fight the disease. That doesn’t mean that you can forgo mainstream medicine all together. Sometimes when you don’t listen to the messages of your body; the issue progresses and requires more severe or aggressive medical attention.
    It’s an approach that works to heal the Ki (energy) of a person, in order to affect healing upon an illness. In this context herbs can be used to help bring about that healing, as these natural plants have their own energy that can influence the Ki. Such as using chamomile tea to help you sleep as a very simple example.
    As for Tibetan Monks having healing powers, they (and anyone actually; even you) can learn to approach physical health in this same way. From hands on spiritual healing methods like Reiki to understanding and utilizing herbal medicines. It’s not a “power” restricted to Tibetan Buddhists, it’s merely knowledge they have attained through study, research and belief.
    Many Blessings.

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