I had another demon dream but this time it was worse I need more then 4 answers?





The demon said its name was bael. It was weird….. Like it was controling my Dream…. I do play with online ouija boards and I never click Goodbye and I have made my own that didnt work that I have threw away…….
My brother says my house wasnt built on an ancient burial ground or anything because he said your supposed to kno that kind of stuff before you buy the house that your living in.
2 nights ago I had sleep paralysis that I broke out of 3 times in a row… I just cant take it anymore. What do I do?
Everytime I wake up I keep seeing this fucking Symbols and letters in black on my closet everytime I wake up from a nightmare…. I go up to the letters and try to make them out but they keep on fading away and it keeps on pissing me off.
I dont know what to do…….. Is god and satan fighting over me?
Btw I told myself I wont believe in god or satan until I become possessed and last night before I went to sleep I said out loud SATAN I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!


    • Well if you really don’t want this to continue than stop toying with it because you may not be very serious about your challenges but the spirits that hear you might. Why on earth would you want to prove god exists by letting Satan possess you? That is seriously backwards logic that is pretty openly self sabotaging behaviour.
      You should remove all of the dark energy from your home, make your sleeping area an oasis of peace and serenity. Welcome positive spiritual experiences into your life and stop inviting negative spirits to possess you! If you want to have a direct encounter with god do some shrooms in a positive caring environment and meditate more.

  1. I suggest you see a counceler. Only they can help. I mean if its getting to that point than obviously something is going on either in your head or actually something is happening.
    Im not an expert in this or anything but you have a real problem. This is only happening because you believe that it can happen,if you believe that it wont happen then it wont. Its just your mind playing tricks on you.

  2. Bael was an ancient pagan god that people of that time period use to sacrifices their children… Until one of the prophets of God challenged their system and won………….. And your un-willingness to accept the reality of Satan existences Could leave yo open for an attack fro demons from the paranormal realm…….. And the answer is yes, For you have a supernatural force fighting a paranormal force… One is trying to save you while the other wants to make your life a living hell……………… And Challenged Satan is not a wise move even if you don’t Believe in his existences…………. You are going to be ok… And I know that the dream have stop so why wory be happy……………

  3. Stop eating pizza and rich spicy foods late at night.
    No seriously rich spicy meals taken too fast to bed time can cause wierd dreams. Presumably the excess calories get converted to energy that fuels imagery creation.
    You may just be stressed out. Meditate and pray before sleep and try a simple cure like a glass of hot milk.
    Dringk green tea and hot chocolate to detox yourself.
    Stay off all drugs stronger than tea or dark chocolate unless a doctor prescribed them. Yes this means no “recreational drugs” even if they’re legal. No alcohol no tobacco.
    No stimulants stronger than tea!
    Dont play with or use oujia boards or perform any occult rituals. You clearly dont have the gift or temperament or shields.
    Reading : much as I love SF and F dont read any more books about the occult or horror novels or films of that type for a month or two. Stick to reading science poetry or history or biography books in the evening for a month or so or the bible or Buddhist sutras or books about Zen humor.
    Do a physical spiritual and anti stress detox!
    It will work!
    Finally see a therapist or counsellor to sort out what ‘s causing stress in your life.
    These vivid dreams could have a physical cause.

  4. he all ready has you dumb ass, you practiced what is called the occult. Its a sin. my guess is your a kid that’s played diablo one too many times. Plus you cant break out of sleep paralysis your stuck for 10 sec to 1 min fully aware but unable to move. Pray to god you dont know that feeling. Possession is different then you see in the movies too. You dont have superpowers and say things backwards. depression and fear will plague you causing your life to feel like nothing making you want to kill your self. I dont know all the answers but if their is a Satan hes a chess player not a checker player. That means he will not make his actions in your life noticeable. your a fool to challenge what you dont understand.

  5. ISatan probably is trying to control your mind since you will not let God have anything to do with you. First of all, you need to let go of the ouija boards and get ahold of yourself and let God into your life. Second, God is REAL and satan is real. Believe in God for He is all you need. The bible says in James, Chapter 5:7, Submit yourselves therfore to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Jesus said after he had healed a man possessed with a devil, blind and mute in Matthew 12:28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. 1 Corinthians 10:20, But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. So, see, the bible tells us about God and satan and his demons. All you need is The Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior to be set free from those demons inside of you.Everyone is a sinner and needs repentance. All you have to do is ask for it. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus died on the cross for our sins.All you have to do is say a heartfelt prayer of repentance of sins , believe Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life as your Lord and Savior. Romans 10: 9-11 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart, that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed. God Bless, I’ll be praying for you.

  6. I never like to say this, but you are screwed. You have messed with things that you had no business messing with, you didn’t show respect, now you are getting what you deserve.
    Have a nice life………….

  7. if it’s satan you’re challenging you will be needing the help of God… so if i were you pray, repent and ask for God’s divine protection… if it’s about satan God is the only one who will help you… trust me… you don’t want to challenge satan without God…

  8. something very similar happened to me in June in kept having a weird dream with a demon or something (and it killed my mom in my dream). i looked it up in like 4 dream books and they told me i was beginning to get in touch with my dark side and i felt like i don’t belong were i am. all to true look it up in a dream book and start to meditate that should help. it helped me that’s all the advice i can give.

  9. Whew! The syntax I read suggests a person that is Heavily
    Conflicted at several levels.
    I would suggest you begin seeking the services of a licensed
    professional psychologist in your area. They should have
    a repatorie of tests they can give your to assist in determining
    what it is that’s going on with you.
    Sleep Paralysis is not necessarily something to be ignored,
    for sleep dipravation can (at the very least) make one prone
    to accidents involving injury to themselves and/or others.
    If the psychologists and physicians cannot find any biological
    basis for your situation…you may need to find a shaman
    local to your geographic area.
    And do be aware that there are a small number of licensed
    professional psychologists who incorporate shamanism in
    their methods of practice. But they can be hard to find.
    Good luck.

  10. i pitty you, never challenge a demon or provoke it, look this demon up on google. never say its name out loud. let it know you are the boss. pray and have faith. demons are not something to joke about, i am cathlic i know these things stop using the ouija board and try not to have negative feelings, hang a crusifix go to church, a cathlic one and ask if the priest in person if he could bless your house.
    say the st. michle prayer every night.good luck

  11. i looked up the demon for you he is baal, actually. he thinks that he is almost as powerful as god. let him know that he is not and that you are gods child not his. tell him god will rid him from your life. if u do not believe in god he wont help u so try ur best and consider my plan

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