I had a near death experience 30 years ago.Could it have triggered my pshychic ability?

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I think of people I haven’t seen for a long and the next day I see them.; or imagine something and then it happens. I pick up the phone to call 1 of my sons and the phone rings.

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You may have a psychic ability but I don’t think it has anything to do with the near death incident.


Look, I personally haven’t experienced what you are talking about, but I know of people that claim just what you’re saying. So I believe it’s possible.


I almost died before, and now I see ghosts or sense their presence.
I think near death changes the chemicals in the brain or allows to tap into parts of the brain that we wouldn’t normally use.
I’ve heard that this is common with near death. That there is a certain ‘greater awareness’ whether that is pyschic or not, who knows.

green top

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha look up “coincidence” in the dictionary.thats wat u have.u dont have psychic powers


yeah you could of, they say there are no coincidences in life so you could be more intuned.

Liam o

Dae va vu.
p.s. not spelt right.


Yes I believe it could be.


could be. but that happens to me a lot too, and I’ve never really had a close near death experience


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