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i guess I wasn't totally clear before, No I have not had my children taken from me in Utah. But thousands have

DCFS in this state are more powerful than anybody, of course they usually only take children they can make money off by selling them, last summer they went in and saw a handicapped baby being starved to death by her guardian, she must have had no value they left her there, thank god someone found out in time and saved her she weighed 18 lbs at the age of 5. On the other hand any healthy child that they find any little thing wrong, they don’t even recognise kinship they just grab em. I have seen it myself several times and they usually don’t get them back. I just don’t understand the American people putting up with this, I mean being an American used to be something we were proud of now I just don’t know. I am watching some strange things happening here, like some of the idiots that didn’t know how to ask for more information just made smart comments, like the sculley one, I bet karma steps up and lets them know first hand what losing a child feels like. But today they were cool


  1. Your not alone, my daughter and husband are going round with DHS( what it’s called in Oregon). THOSE people see nothing but terrible parents and sexual deviants EVERYWHERE (you,me basically EVERYONE)outside of themselves. The sweeping power these CLOWNS have is UNAMERICAN. I was even talking to my wife about attemping to bend some phoney baloney politician’s ear. If anything to make myself feel better.Good luck to us all.

  2. Here in the UK I recently heard of case where Low-intellect/downs syndrome/mentally handicapped couples having babies & the State removes them.
    What a World we’re have when 2 people fall in love, marry & have a baby, then they R deemed by the State 2 B Unfit parents!
    I agree, these Departments have no idea of the damage they cause.Babies R not 4 sale nor should they B removed 4 in such an inhumane way!
    I think these injustices go on everywhere, unfortunately.

  3. move out of utah. the real world is out here waiting on you.
    everyone knows that utah is the most backwards state in the union. dont try and save it, just get out.


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