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I got this feeling that I lived in Nazi Germany in a past life?

I believe in reincarnation, and I have not tried past life regression nor have any past life memories. Lately I have been getting into the history of Nazi Germany, so I watched some clips from the third reich on youtube and read some stuff, and I got this strange feeling that I was there. Is it possible that I had lived there in a past life?
I don’t believe that humans can reincarnate as animals or plants, just humans.


  1. Pffttt….Past life. That kind of stuff it messed up. I don’t believe in it, so I say no. But hey, some people would believe it’s possible, but it’s so dodge.
    I don’t like the reincarnation stuff,

  2. Yes, it’s possible. I believe in reincarnation too.
    That might be the reason why you are interested in that subject.

  3. i have the feeling i was a F16 in another life time
    i can almost taste the fuel which still remains in me circulating thru my body and askin me to fly fly away so fast

  4. Yes, it is a very good chance you did if you feel that way like I believe I lived in Egypt when people got married to their brother and stuff. You should try past life regression I have always wanted too:)

  5. No bro, get some glucose.
    Or maybe strain yourself a little more, then you might REALLY remember…what did you do for work? Newspaper boy?
    Or did you actually go through the gravity at Auschwitz?
    Or were you Hitler’s barber or even ‘stylist’, the one who gave him that venerated moustache?
    Or Hitler’s girl, Eva? Eh?

  6. Probably not. Just because you feel a connection to somewhere doesn’t mean you where there in a past life. More likely, your mind connects an experience from your own life to the event’s you were reading about.
    However, it is a fascinating era of history and the word of the atrocities commited there need to be spread. I encourage you to continue learning and to use your knowledge to help others.

  7. You could’ve been but whose to say as what. You could of been a tulip or an owl for all you know.
    I’m going to go with the tulip idea myself.
    Edit- Kitty still says tulip. Do you dare defy me?

  8. Maybe, I believe in reincarnation too, but you also could just be feeling strange because of the history itself, it’s all so tragic, it stirs a lot of peoples emotions.

  9. First of all, ignore the unkind answers–always ignore them. Some people are too uninformed or unformed to understand this question. Yes, I believe in reincarnation but have never felt connected to anything except in a dream once where I was a little girl walking by a white picket fence–and I knew that somewhere in history I have actually done this. So it is possible you were in Germany. I wouldnt worry about whether or not I was a bad guy then or lost loved ones and wouldnt pursue it if that would bother you bringing guilt or sorrow.

  10. you might have been, my first ever past life session brought me to the final days of a german nazi’s life in what I believe was the battle of the bulge. roaring on a panzer down a tiny little cobbled street, shooting at americans, killing french hiding in windows until the tank got blown up, with me riding on top of it. coming out of it I was dosed in sweat, thinking only how much I let my wife and kids down, let my country down, and let the fuhrer down. looking back I don’t think I did anything to drastic, just another soldier trying to bring pride to the country of his fathers.

  11. What does all of this mean? How is it proven? It is fascinating. I have this feeling that I was a German soldier during WW2. It’s a feeling of familiarity, and actions (possible participation). How does one explore, and verify things?

  12. I do too! At some point when reading The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank, I kept on picturing this tall cottage with a fountain in front of it, and when I was scrolling on this website titled Rare Color Photos of Germany In 1900 Before It Was Destroyed By World Wars, there was an exact photo that looked like what I thought of! Perhaps I died in the World Wars…

  13. “I don’t believe that humans can reincarnate as animals or plants, just humans.” humans ARE animals! And plants are living beings proven to think and stuff too. But you should meditate and perhaps do a PLR. Be very careful however, as that can basically open pandora’s box… but learning about oneself and resolving issues is important too.

  14. OMG. I really needed to read these. When I was a child I loved ‘Lili Marlene’ of Marlene Dietrich even though I am not German. Now I started reading and ravaging through WW2 and I think I must have been a Wehrmacht soldier or a U-boot sailor. The song used to be played to soldiers in their barracks every night. In my dreams (not exactly a dream … it was in that in between period before falling asleep) I saw a building and it was blazing. I looked up ‘Nazi buildings’ and soon enough I found the building … Hotel Adlon. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It had burnt down. I’m trying to understand what’s happening to me. I also dream in German but I don’t know what they are saying. The persons are talking in German in my dreams but I don’t understand the language. I only know a few words.

  15. I have a similar feeling! Since I first heard about WWII, I’ve had that strange feeling that I should have lived there as a German soldier. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not even German, but whenever I see a documentary about WWII or hear a person talk about it, I get this weird feeling.


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