I got Images through hug?





The other day I went to my friend and hugged her and told her to open up her spiritual side and she said ok? I closed my eyes while I hugged her and got three images in my head. An hourglass, tree and an eye. I think the hourglass has to do with time, the eye has to do with watching something, and the tree has to do with something full of energy or something with nature. I stopped hugging her and asked her what event she was keeping track of. She said what and I told her what happened when I hugged her and what I think it means. She looked at me like she was keeping a secret. I dont know what this means, Anyway what do you think this means? Thanks.
Ty-Get a life 😉


  1. it’s probably just the 2012 thing, a lot of people are keeping track of that these days. That or she might be trying to train her own psychic abilities?

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