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I get Auras from the computer and migraines follow shortly. what can i do to help not get these?

I have a two hour block at school for computers. Now i have been recently getting Auras from staring at the computer screen way too long.. and Migraines follow right after i leave for my next hour. My mom says its from not having a healthy diet. I think its from lack of sleep. I do not smoke. I have been stressed lately.. and i am 17 in the 11th grade. I don’t think i should be getting these that frequently. Yesterday i had the worst experience. I got one and i went to my third hour and had to leave to vomit in the bathroom.. i started to get cold and hot sweats when i went back to class. so i left and went home and i fell immediately asleep and when i woke up i felt like almost perfect.. So thats why i think its from not sleeping so much. If you have any answers for me it would really help. thank you.. I am starting to get one as i type this.. so i am done now.
Thank you


  1. Go see a doctor. Migraines with auras can occur for different reasons and treatments exist. Obviously the computer seems to trigger your attacks.
    I feel for you – migraine with aura can be really scary… When it happens to me, I also loose the feeling in an arm, a leg or half my face and my vision goes completely blurry for half an hour…

  2. Please arrange for a physical ASAP that includes a visit to the Ophthalmologist. It could be a serious problem and you want to avoid blindness.

  3. Yep sounds like a migraine….throwing up, auras,sweats, pain?
    The monitor is just making them come on more.
    Diet helps, chocolate, caffeine,milk/dairy, some people things like wheat all these things may help get one,lots of other things too.
    Nothing the doctors seam to be able to do but give a mri and make sure nothing is causing them, and give drugs. But it is something…..
    Stress is a big cause, get lots of sleep. You are so young too :0(
    Read up on migraines find your triggers (which you have found one) and change your lifestyle.
    Wish you luck.

  4. It could be due to diet, exercise, or being tired. Try to go to bed earlier, and see what it may do. I get that too, and you may also be on the computer for too long.


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