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I gave birth 14months ago and still carrying the extra weight would yoga help me tone up?

I weighed 9st before i was pregnant and now im just under 11st and i hate it, i had a lovely figure and i want to get it back, i dont mind any types of exercises but something i can do at home and only for an hour to two hours a day, would yoga be best? And how long would it take to see results?
Any suggestion plz


  1. Yes i think thats a great idea! It would deffiently make you lose weight, but its not like running up a sweat at the gym everyday its more of an, emotional and spiritual approach to weight managment. I think i might start doing yoga myself 😀

  2. hey,not really because its a method of relaxation more than physical work out. Its more spiritual. Do some exercise, Aerobics might help you alot, good luck, tc 🙂 and congrats =D

  3. Hi
    Yoga will be good. Also you can buy yogalates dvd which runs through the moves for an hour or so.
    This should help you. You will have to work hard for loosing the weight. and keep exercising.
    best of luck

  4. yes. it’s common for people who havent tried real yoga to say no because it’s relaxation. but yoga is the most difficult exercise i have done! If you do it right it’s better than kick boxing.

  5. yeah yoga would def help you out alot. it helps streghthen all the muscles in you body. it is often better than weight training if your looking to tone up

  6. Have you considered swimming? Its the only exercise that I know of where you never notice you are sweating.
    Yoga is an excellent way to build up your mind through concentration, it also helps your body to tone, I do yoga everyday, but first I swim one nautical mile in the Gulf of Mexico, then when I return to my house, I then do a series of push ups, jumping jacks and sit ups, upon completion of these exercises, I then do yoga for two hours, a great way to meditate, slow my breathing down and to relax after doing such a strenuous workout earlier.
    Sit ups can be done at home, and it doesn’t require another person to help you do this, you can lay on your back, on the living room rug, and place your feet under the rim of a couch, being comfortable, of course, and then place your hands behind your head and raise your upper portion of your body towards your waist, repeating this procedure several times in a set of say ten. Do Not try to over extend yourself, thinking that the more you do in the beginning will help you to lose the weight quicker, on the contrary, doing this will only make your stomach muscles hurt like hell the next day and make it difficult for you to do your sit ups the following day, so use moderation in the beginning and take it slow.
    As these sit ups become easier for you to do, then increase the number of situps per set, and do so many of these sets everyday, and you will then start to see your beautiful figure begin to return and this will make you happy grasshopper!
    Good Luck and thank you


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