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I found my son reading an Aleister Crowley book. I grounded him but how do i bring him back to god?

He got the book from my Occultist neighbor’s son. They are trying to brainwash him to the evil path. Please help me save myself and my son from these satan worshipers.


  1. Silly person, you’ve just increased the appeal of the book for your son.
    Congratulations, it looks like you’re raising another ex-Christian youngster.
    Wasn’t that your intention?

  2. If your son actively wants to learn the occult, you can’t stop him. Otherwise you’ll just be brainwashing him back and be as bad as your neighbor.

  3. Has it occurred to you that maybe you are trying to brainwash him into religion? Just because you think you are right, doesn’t mean you are.

  4. Remember that Aleister Crowley grew to hate religion from a very young age because he had religion shoved down his throat all the time by his overly-strict parents.
    Tell him the truth- Aleister Crowley died a heavy drug-addict, without ever finding true love or happiness. Though very clever, he was the most self-serving man possible, and nothing he wrote was ever written with the intention of helping other people- he only wrote to benefit himself and to decieve others.

  5. I get it now, you’re trolling.
    which book by Crowley? that’s not a very easy read for a child, so you must have a smart kid.

  6. Hello. I see your son has interest in my religion. Good for him. Now, stop being so pompous and let him read it. Crowley’s main point was that people like yourself are the problem, and now you are instilling it into him.
    Thanks for making a new Thelemite!

  7. The more you try to control and restrict the materials in which he views, the more he will try to look and enjoy those materials.

  8. Aleister Crowley was not evil, he just held some wild swing parties. lol
    It’s only narrow minded people, I must say rather like you, who have put him in the devil box. I bet you have no idea what the reality of it was or what he did, do you. You are prejudging him on hear-say. lol
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  9. God is bigger than they are and can do anything, including protecting you son from the influence of these people. Take the book back and explain that you are christians and would appreciate it if they didn’t lend such books to your son. Talk to your son nicely about the importance of being respectful of the beliefs of others but also that God has warned us not to involve ourselves with them.

  10. all teens rebel against their parents. eventually they will mature and find their own path. a lot of people these days become bitter about christianity because of the hypocrisy of some members. are you walking your talk . are you judging? you raised him to think an live in this world. you should allow him to read what he wants but be there if he has questions.

  11. Everyone has to follow their own path. You can tell him you don’t like that path, and I suggest you read some of Crowley’s work yourself to understand what it is he’s studying. But, at some point you have to allow him to forge his own way.

  12. Always remember that God is totally in control.
    Did he not say they none of us can add a single day to our lives by worrying? I am positive this is true for all subjects including the challenge you are having now with your son.
    Keep your faith in him rather than getting upset with the situation at hand.
    Use your faith to pray to the almighty and ask for his will be done here.
    I would recommend you NOT get angry with your son because if he desires to read this book then he will find a way.
    A line you may want to use and say to him might be… ““Son you know you are a really wonderful son. You make me very proud. You definitely do. But lately you have really disappointed me because I feel you are slipping from God. What do you think?”
    I am not saying you say exactly this but something to the effect may get your point across.
    Just a quick question… Have you read the book yourself or are you basing your decision on it being an evil book on what you have heard?
    I wish you well.


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