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I found geoed that is a citrine with alot of gold its about 20" high, I heard its worth millions is this true?

Someone told me a while ago that a woman had a citrine mineral with gold in and sold it for 2 million, I just want to know if anyone else has heard of something like that? And what I should do now?


  1. Talk to a geologist.
    I have read some on citrine, but there was no mention of it being especially expensive. 20′ does sound like a big ol’ hunk of the stuff, however.

  2. Do not sell it until you have it appraised by at least 3 appraisers The criteria for appraisal might be a person with qualifications from the jewelry industry. Also don’t sell it to appraiser thats another conflict of interest get there opinions pay them and move to the market place to find a professional dealer that buys or take it to a major geoed event that happens annually!
    Do research I know they meet once a year on this matter of geodes to display them for sale and for professional purposes.
    I thought they met in California but i could be wrong

  3. I have worked with the wholesale/retail of large geodes for about 20 years. Citrine is a type of quartz and gold is usually found in quartz, but I have never heard of gold in citrine.
    Most crystalline geodes are either citrine or amethyst. Price is dependant on how light or dark the color is and how thick the crust is because that has to do with its weight.
    The less crust you have the more actual citrine you have.
    There are 4 basic combinations or categories that I price my geode “cathedrals”
    Thick / light = $6 per lb
    Thick / dark = $8 per lb
    Thin / light = $10 per lb
    Thin / dark = $12 per lb
    Sorry if this is back news for you, but realistic.


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