Home Discussion Forum I finally saw my first auras :DDD im excited?

I finally saw my first auras :DDD im excited?

Okay before you start, my eys are okay …my optomertrist said , and im fine too and i didn’t start seeing these colors until i “practiced” seeing them …
Anyways, i started w/ color pencils bc i saw one article said that colors have their own aur too and suggested practicing w/ colored consrtuction paper . but i didn’t have that so i used my color pencils . Anyway i started w/ my pink one and saw a green aura around it, a turqiouse light blue one around the orange one , a red one around the blue pencil and a red aura around my blue book. And i got really curious and put my yellow pencil up next to my orange pencil to see which would have a darker blue aura. and the yellow one had an electric blue, ocean blue aure …while the orange had a sky blue, turquiose one… im so excited …
my next question is how do i see people’s aura .. i try but i only see a little like i tried my mom and saw a tiny red-yellow aura and it doesn’t last long how do i make the auras last…
thanks all 🙂


  1. There is no such thing, I would see a psychiatrist about problems you are experiencing or maybe you should just stop being retarded.

  2. let may say you are just thinking in colorful ways , you seem to dream endlessly .you feel your life has meaning .and with colors are the one making it exciting and bring you luck and happiness.

  3. you are stupid, these are just opposite colors
    the photoreceptors in your eyes are just becoming saturated and seeing the opposite color because you’re moving it ever so slightly
    please try this.
    —take a picture of a flag and stare at it for 60s without moving. then look at a piece of white paper.
    you will notice the flag appears in the opposite colors of the original. this is what is happening

  4. practice watching just above people’s heads, but avoid getting caught staring. also try inanimate objects like rocks furniture etc.and try pets


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