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I figured it out- i need a lawyer?

I figured it out- I need a lawyer
Hello, my name is suleiman solomon sami azar, I am the messiah of the 21st century- the chosen one- the christ. That sure was an opening statement:) well, i have now endured 13 months on this internet device trying to tell a world that babels about energy crisis and greenhouse gases and I fundamentally believe I have solved it by my ideology and primitive one million volt tesla coil experiment upon heavy water. I made a video and offered all my words for free for anyone to just read and repeat.
To date I do not see many who are attempting- however, many might do so without any correspondence- they just take it and move on I guess. Nevertheless, I never asked for money for myself to finish it, a spiritual nature to this- I ALWAYS wanted someone to step up to the plate and just help. maybe some one who blows a hundred grand in Vegas one night might say- hey- here is a chance to end the energy crisis- lets try. Thats is just an example of what I hoped would have happened- but my true intentions were an entity such as a nuclear power plant would just do it- prove me right- i get some credit for being a good human being seeking answers for mankind- well, not even a single company nor anything did anything:) how do you like my grammar- after 13 months- my care to represent myself in fancy rooster fashion or eloquent words have faded as I purposely portray myself as somewhat simple- WHY- humanity must listen to those with solutions in life- not met with arrogance- along this journey I have also introduced myself openly as a messenger of god- THEE MESSIAH himself.
If you had any faith in me with science, surely with that statement, it scared you off;)
I understand. However, I believe it- and all around obviously do not and much more than that you insult me. Thus, this is a very hard state of mind to be in. I have believed i was the messenger for 10 years. I have record upon the net. I just made 99 minute video palm sunday or passover this past april 20 2008 declaring myself THE CHOSEN ONE. I have evidence of my life that establishes I have this belief for some time. Thus- I am either the messiah- or I am not. No question all who read these words at this juncture in time would conclude the latter- I dont blame you- and I understand. However, the fact for me is this. I believe i have solved the energy crisis- and my life is an example of many before us all-or even some today, that believe there is something happening to all mankind and told something to relay to our fellowman along with the discoverer of this energy idea- AN AGE of UNITY BEGINS. I live with this “condition” as I have lived like a lamb of god in my heart since a child and raised in this large ape body:) like an m1 Abram tank with an ability to go everywhere- AND I DID. There is no evil. MAN is good. the children are good- the bad/evil that comes is abused and neglected children- some children may be hurt once severely and lash out all their lives- some do what they do because of sickness in the body/mind- everything has a reason- with the light of god we shall master the elements of this earth in harmony with all the creatures and secure the comforts and sustenance ALL children of the earth desire for growth-love-peace-LIFE- life on earth must become heaven for our children- only in mans unity shall this occur- only under the light of love of god shall all the children of the earth live to the standards of heaven- an advanced entity of this universe- we are children to it.
I can go on and on with this kind of belief- it is in my soul- yet- if I am wrong -prove my energy device is wrong-but this is how I see it.
In conclusion- Since none has stepped up to the plate in society and just built my device-and no one ever offered to HELP build it. I will get the money by suing YOU to complete this so called mission from god.
I will begin with HOLLYWOOD. for if society believes me to be delusional- then I am disabled- and honestly- I have not returned to my electrical business in 16 months now and only survive in the sanctuary of my families home for past 13 years to continue this “so called mission from god”. But I find it absolutely hard to walk away from a conviction of belief implant in me by god/society-
Hollywood makes movies about the messiah- the coming of the messiah- etc etc etc etc and I see John hagee and Christians screaming for the messiah- BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY- they say another big war first before he comes- NO- I HAVE COME NOW- WARS COME TO AN END-
I see a world screaming for one- I believe Hollywood movies have done it to me. Thus, I will sue MGM studies for all the spiritual movies they have made. I have the us government and several others in mind- But i believe MGM will suffice- they have caused this “disability” of mine in which you add to with your insults and behavior towards me as I state my position( I speak to the wind-anyone who hears/sees these words).
WITH THIS MONEY I shall have a non profit entity formed without my name or any ties to it except by spirit- and its function will be this; Complete my ideology for safe clean abundant energy for mother earth. Let the first two commercial units of energy supply the needs for the southwest of the usa especially for California and Hollywood itself for their fancy electric cars and golf carts- and the other for the energy to fuel the energy needs of both israel and palestine and all the children of arab and jew in the middle east- That is all I wish-
THUS, I NEED A LAWYER- ANYONE OUT THERE. let this letter serve as a time stamp in my actions to sue MGM
Solomon Sami Azar- The MESSIAH- I have come;)


  1. dude….you should join the comedy circus, cause after reading this article I cracked up so hard I woke up everyone in the house…(think about it, join the circus, you’ll make good money)….

  2. Hummm… Really… Are you serious? Cause I can´t decide if I laugh or faint in speechless motion… I´m afraid of you though. Ever considered sending THIS letter to MGM, and actually try to make a movie out of it? U´d still have their money.
    damn, some people really do wake up with inspiration. seriously…i´m speechless.


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