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I feel so lost and confused!! Please help me! On the verge of tears!?

i asked the question below earlier. please help me i really feel lost and confused!
ok, there’s this rollerskating rink near my house and i go to it every friday from 7-11 and there’s this guy, Skylar, and hes one of my closest guy friends but im afraid he likes me!!! im really scared because i only like him as a friend. he touches me like all the time and every time he does it shocks me!! LITERALLY its soooo weird. and he tells me EVERYTHING!! and he follows me around a lot. but hes also a very friendly person, so i don’t know if he is just being nice or he likes me. what do you think?
sorry this is long and hard to understand!!
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2 hours ago
it’s not like groping. its like a poke on the arm or something and like i said before its a shock. like seriously, not the emotion, the static electricity thing…
2 hours ago
omg! no i just listen to people’s problems he was telling me like how he felt. hes sooo sweet but karmas reeeaaallly mean to him. he has terrible luck but he just gives and gives and gives but he never get anything back. Ive made it clear that i like someone else and talk about it right in front of him.
because i dont like him like THAT and it sucks because he likes me but hes so sweet i dont want to hurt him :[
he hates his name lol
how clear do i have to make this? I DO NOT LIKE HIM LIKE THAT. the only way i like him is as friends!!
SEE!! YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO BAD!!! D’: your making me cry! like i said he’s always sooo nice. and they DO get screwed in the end!! but i cant help i dont like him!
He IS rare. he actually cried in front of me! I love him, but like a brother, I m praying he acts like that around everyone :[


  1. Sounds lik he likes u yea I would drop some more hints to him, nd if that deosnt work stop hanging wit him or idk just tell him u dont feel that way

  2. I’ve learned that it’s hard to have a male friend without him having some kind of feelings for you. He could just be playing around but you never know. if it starts to get more than just poking and stuff like that you should just ask him about it. but try to not make it all uncomfortable because if he doesn’t then that could make things odd 🙂 ~Ma’alea

  3. I’m sorry, but that’s not how Karma works.
    The whole ideology is that every action you do comes back to you threefold.
    Bad things wouldn’t be happening to him if he wasn’t doing bad things in some way shape or form.
    Perhaps you don’t know this Skylar as well as you think you do?
    And how do you feel about him?
    If you like him back, then what’s the problem?
    If you don’t, then gently tell him you’re not interested. Don’t break his heart or anything, just tell him you’ve become such good friends it’s not possible to be physically attracted to him.
    Hope this helped.

  4. You are paranoid. He probably just wants to be around a girl and do something with them even if they’re close friends. You know how guys kick eachother’s balls? Same reason.

  5. Don’t put to much into his being friendly you are friends and honey some people never grow out of this. so let him know it makes you feel uncomfortable and if he is truly a friend he will respect your boudaries. If not find others who respect how you feel….

  6. the friendship is done for. no offense, but you are the perfect example of what i was talking about in my question “girls are more complicated than guys?” earlier. Once he tells you he likes you, and you say no, then things will get awkward and he will probably stop talking to you and be really angry. A girl has used the excuse “i just want to be friends” before and it really really hurts the guy, trust me. Girls should never be “just friends” with a guy for this reason. Only go after guys you have interest in because in the end, everyone will be happy. The nice guys get screwed and you are the prime example. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but its a true fact. He was obviously interested in you from the beginning yet you lead him on by hanging out with him, which in a guys mind means “oh maybe she likes me”

  7. guys tend to be stupid [srry guys]
    and dont know when u are droping hints
    i had this one guy i had to literaly say
    to his face for him to leave
    me alone i dont like you
    i felt bad…
    until he decided i was lying and liked
    him back…
    well this probally
    helped u none srry

  8. how old are you sweetie? things seem to be so much bigger than they really are when ur young. if u have made it very clear nuthing is going to happen between the two of u and hes all good with it then stop stressing hunni. be a good friend to him when hes having al this bad luck and remind ur there for him as a friend. he sounds rare, most boys are so self absorbed with them selfs, ur lucky to have a mate who’s willing to be open and honest and listen to you without wanting somthing in return.
    do u think telling him how u feel would tarnish ur friendship??

  9. Tell the boy you like him as a friend. Be honest.
    If you don’t want to hurt him, you don’t want to lead him on.
    Smile and say, You’re so cool. I like you so much as a friend, nothing more though, just a friend…
    or something corny like that, but be honest.
    And the next time you feel the static electricity, yell, “Ouch!”
    and let him know you DON’T like that.
    Life is so complicated when people play these silly games. Just say what’s on your mind!
    He ain’t gonna break down and cry.

  10. It’s not your fault you don’t have those feelings for him. Just try not to lead him on. Maybe talk to him about a guy you like, it should be someone real and that he knows so he doesn’t think your really talking about him.
    When the day comes that he tells you he likes you, tell him he’s a great guy and you don’t want to lose him as a friend but be prepared to now have a strain in your friendship. best of luck.


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