i feel like theres negative energy around me…. anyway to get rid of it?





like i keep getting bad luck and stuff, and a couple of hrs ago i almost went completely insane, and i really want to stop it…


  1. The only way to get rid of negative energy is by outweighing it with positive energy. The Ying and the Yang is the best way to describe it. The negative is gonna be there, so you just gotta balance it out by doing positive stuff (things that you enjoy) to balance out the negative.

  2. I take a hot shower, try to imagine all the “bleh” running down the drain ….and then write a list of things that I’m grateful for….say 20 or so

  3. In my reductionist point of view, consider that luck is only probability taken personally. Perhaps you are not remembering all the good thing that happen, or even all the bad things that don’t happen. Like you didn’t get hit by a bus today.
    Changing your environment always helps.

  4. Negative energy is contagious. Stay away from the unlucky, the ill, the angry, the sad, the insane. Let clear space detoxify you naturally. Forgive your enemies but do not think about them. Do not try to solve problems. Let nature do that for you. Practice being happy.

  5. I wake up every morning just around the time the neighbour does next door 4 am. i dont need to get up I am wide awake and cant get back to sleep. i am angry that I cannot get back to sleep. What can I do

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