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I feel inadequate…..guys/girls help me out with this one……?

So there’s this guy I’m seeing…well we’ve seen each other twice and on both occations we had sex and on both occations he didn’t cum. What’s the deal? He seemed to be having a good time…I asked him about it the second time around and he said he wants to hold out so he could pleasure me more….hey more power to him I’m down with that…but he won’t give me an answer as to why he doesn’t at all. I mean after about 2-3 hrs of phenomial sex I WANT him to cum….it makes me feel like I’m doing my job and well! You get a sort of satisfaction…right?
This is a first for me….I have been told I rock in bed and everyone else I’v been with cum’s sometimes more than once…and yet I can’t get this dude to cum once. I’m well aware of tantra but don’t you think that’s taking it a little to far? So guys have you ever done that and why? And girls have you ever been with a dude who won’t cum and if so what did you do to MAKE him cum?
for the record i’m not fat and ugly….hmmm being gay is a possbility..but he’s totally right wing conservative…maybe it’s a front….should i ask him if he’s gay? LOL


  1. Simple next time give him an hour then stop and get off and tell him if you aren’t gonna let yourself finish I’m not gonna finish, nad if I get back on there you had damn well better have an eye poping, feet curling explosion of epic proportions.

  2. ummm
    unless you’re like fat or ugly or something i can’t imagine why dude wont blow nuts on you. unless he like did the deed himself like right before you came over or something. i don’t get it
    i thought that was the point right?
    he’s probably gay

  3. Well, he probally “flips his minnow first”, great way to get rid of tension and improve performance time. As a marathon man myself, ;^), he may be doing someone else, how shall i say this, The amount of product and color directly relates to the amount of sex you’ve had in the last day or so, One way to throw off your special someone to your cheating ways is to not “release” with your side dish, saving it for your main dish. Therefore keeping with the norm. But you’ve only been with him twice so he may just be trying to impress you. Be careful and wrap it just in case.

  4. Sorry, but maybe its you. I’ve done the tantric and done the meditation to hold off and drive my girl wild….. but a few years ago….I had a girl friend, that was pretty damn good in bed….. but for some reason, she was doing a lot of work…it just wasn’t popping my cork….. I really dug her, but getting to the finish line was not an easy thing….The thing that helped was a little change in game plan… start your foreplay at dinner…. pull his wanker out and hand pump it….then stop…..get him hard in the elevator….bring a little bottle of lotion to the bed…..hand applied oil should give you face load…..if that doesn’t work, then not c*mming, isn’t his only problem…

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