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I feel da energy of ppl around me and ppl I live wit, dey negative energy affects me. how can i stop dat?

it ruin mah life to deal wit the energy which is very negative and unwanted. i try not to be affected but i have not succeeded just yet.
ya know i even seen a psychic near me n she gone tell me dat i should ” self meditate” because of the energy and stuf. i tried but i seem ta be too restless ta relax and just meditate on mah self, even doe i got a lot of time to do it.


  1. while you are mediating imaging yourself in a bubble or behind a glass brick wall–visualize it protecting you from their energy.

  2. I’d suggest Tai Chi or Qi Gong, not sure about the second ones spelling, as alternatives to meditation. If all else fails, I hate to say this, try Yoga.

  3. I know how you feel. It is a different time now. IN my town, people smoke weed, and other things. they see it as think our way, or no way. Wasn’t like this before, but i don’t believe in god, or anything. Maybe one day we can realize this goal.
    hang in there


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