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I feel and see auras, but only on select occasions? Help?

i don’t see auras when i would like to. Only sometimes on random occasions. I can always feel them though. Like, people give off different energies and if someones aura is green i feel alive, but i can’t always see that it’s green. I can just tell because i know what that kind of energy feels like. Is there any way i can see them all the time or when i would like to instead of seeing them randomly? i practice all the time and sometimes it works but it takes a long time. btw im 12 almost 13. is that a normal age to start seeing these kinds of things?


  1. If you mean auroras then you can see them in Alaska. They are also called Northern Lights and occur when there are electromagnetic disruptions or changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Auroras also disrupt satellite or radio waves in the nearby areas.

  2. Hey you sound very gifted. Have you had any other psychic experiences?
    I can see auras too sometimes but not all the time. If you look slightly above a persons head or even an animals and kinda stare like you would when you day dream you will begin to see about half an inch gap between the head and energy depending. Keep staring and you should begin to see either the colours of the aura or like energy buzzing about. I would recommend you getting books on the subject. I would also recommend you to look into psychometery which is where you can pick up all sorts of things psychic through say a persons jewelery or a very personal item to them. Try it with someone you don’t know a lot about. Take the item, relax and close your eyes and feel the object in your hand and after a while you should get things like images come through or even strong feelings. If it doesn’t seem to be coming through too strong then hold it against your solar plexus (stomach area) or your third eye (in between your eyes). Good luck! x

  3. yes that a normal age i see auras aswell at first i dont know what it mean but my friend told me it good that i see auras not alot of people can see auras i guess were gifted in some way im reading a book on how to see auras way dont u try reading that book the title is how to see auras it can answer most of ur questions in that book if u have anything u like to help me with some other info that be great i’ll help u and u help me if u have any question i can try to ask my friend and see what he thinks


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