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I feel an evil presence?

It has been 3 time that this weird happening occurs to me.
The first time was at 6am in the morning, I finished preparing my husbands lunch for work and went back to bed. As soon as I got to bed i closed my eyes and I was still awake it actually takes about halve hour to an hour to go back to sleep. Ok so I had my eyes closed and still awake when i herd the front door from my home closed and then I heard this noise in my room like a thick wind but with out wind it moved my computer cabinet and everything happened so fast that I did not have time to open my eyes and then my entire body was paralyzed could not move and this weird buzzing noise going through my right ear I felt fear wanted to scream but could not scream or move. I could not scream only in my mind I was praying and saying God Please help me. I felt an evil presence And the noise in my ear was like if pressure with air FEELING was going in my ear and coming out. The feeling in my ear was the same as when you go and get your ears washed at the doctor but with out the buzzing noise. and made me dizzy I know I was fully awake cause I had just gone back to bed. My heart felt like if it was going to come out of my chest. The second time happened like four months later and the exact thing same thing happened again. I told my husband and he thinks Im having a nightmare and does not believe me. The third time was last Sunday, I and my husband were taking an afternoon nap and we both woke up and around 4pm and we were talking and suddenly he turned around we were back to back and I was laying down on my left side and I had my eyes closed im 100% sure that I was a wake. I suddenly herd the front door closed of my home and before I could say anything to my husband I had that buzzing noise going through my left ear and was completely paralyzed again. I tried to kick my husband, scream for help at him and I failed. I could only mumble my lips. I tried opening my eyes and the only thing I saw was this yellow white light,. The only thing I did was say God help me and thinking that my husband was next to me and he could not help me. That paranormal activity lasted about 50 second it felt eternity. And suddenly it was gone and I was able to tell my husband and he was fully awake and he said he did not hear anything.
I do not know what to do. I have bee doing some research and it’s seem to be Sleep Paralysis. But that does not convince me, because it’s always happens the same way and in my bed. I know its not a nightmare. I am not asleep when this happens to me. Some people say I am as-sleep but I know im not and im not crazy I know what I feel and hear. Does any one have any recommendations.


  1. You have to rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Demons flee from the name. If you cant say outloud say it in your mind. Just keep sayiing “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” say it in your mind. Pray before you go to sleep to Jesus.
    It happens to my brother too.

  2. yes this does indeed sound like Sleep Paralysis
    During sleep paralysis, you remain half awake and half asleep. You find that you cannot move. Getting panicky only worsens the situation. If you panic, you might hallucinate that there is something evil in the room. You might see grotesque figures or you might imagine that something is trying to kill you. This is pure hallucination, created by a terrified mind. Unfortunately, it could drive many people from having delightful lucid dreaming experiences.
    In case you find yourself half-asleep and half-awake and find it difficult to move, you are in sleep paralysis.
    Stay calm! Many people panic and end up having a nightmare or, worse still, seeing something terrifying. So, don’t be afraid. Instead, focus on your breath. Think happy thoughts, and the sleep paralysis will soon get transformed into a great lucid dream.

  3. i had the same sort of thing but mine was not ‘sleep paralysis.. because as soon i called for the angels and imagined myself in a bright white light i felt this sensation of heat then it moved away and finally as that feeling went i carried on calling out to the angels and god. this has happened to me a few times now and i just want it to stop. i have dabbled with Ouija board before and it has been happening since then. i know i was young and stupid and have regretted it ever since. but someone please help me and dont tell me its sleep paralysis because its just not.


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