I don't understand this, how could this be?






I can’t believe Spiritual Paradigm Shift is a Top Contributor, they give terrible answers about 2012 and a bunch of crazy lies and claim to be an Astrophysicist.
Oh my goodness!! What do you think??
BTW, I’m not trying to be mean…. I’m just in a state of shock…
Answering 2012 questions alone could make you a Top Contributor. lolz
I don’t care about 2012, I don’t believe it. It’s just lies thank you.
Also, my question doesn’t have NOTHING to do with 2012.
Read the question closer Kev.


  1. I believe “Top Contributor” is probably automatically generated.
    “Contributor” merely means questions are answered – not good or correct or anything else. I don’t know if it is based on points or just questions but I lost mine by just taking a week vacation where I didn’t have the internet. And when I got back it took four months of heavy answering to get them back.
    I don’t think anyone reads the questions.

  2. All it takes to be a top contributor is answering lots of questions in a relatively short amount of time (4 to 6 weeks). Whether the responses are correct or not doesn’t matter. I was a top contributor in Astronomy and Space, Earth Sciences and Geology, and Geography. Then I went home to New Orleans for 17 days, including transit time. I don’t have a cable connection to my house in New Orleans. It took another 4 to 6 weeks to regain top contributor status, and I still haven’t regained it in Geography. I’ve become pretty picky about which questions a choose to answer.
    Incidentally, have you ever tried to vote a “thumbs up” on your own response? It doesn’t work. People claiming that people who have over 15% best answers have multiple accounts – that shows that they are pretty ignorant about how computer systems work. I have MANY e-mail accounts with yahoo.com and Gmail, but I use only ONE e-mail account and one user name for YA. I’m not desperate for points any more. I just keep answering questions and keep watching the Best Answer e-mails accumulate. Eventually I’ll get to level 6.

  3. The other day I looked back at some old questions, and discovered that he and his ilk have been voted the most popular answers in many questions.
    I think there’s a bit of ‘coordinated’ voting happening there. In several cases the most outlandish answer got 100% of the vote.
    For the rest of us answerers, I suspect we don’t usually bother to vote – we just answer as best we can and don’t go back. I think this may be a weakness in the system; if a questioner gets good answers but doesn’t select one, it goes to a vote. That’s when these people pick up and can become ‘Best Answerer’!
    Have a look back and see for yourself. The ‘2012’ and ‘moon landing faked’ questions seem to be the worst for this. I’m even starting to suspect that some of the askers are so doing as a set-up.
    What’s the betting kev gets best answer for this one? 🙂
    I’m suspicious he may be some sort of bot.

  4. I was ” Top Contributor ” twice in this category answering questions to the best of my ability however ” Spiritual Paradigm Shift ” got me banned, my hellbent & hellbent 2.0 accounts both got banned because of trolls like ” Spiritual Paradigm Shift “. no doubt i’ll get banned again because if him/her/whatever but such is the price of the truth.
    Ps. Hellbent 2.0 was ranked 5 in the best answers for this category once, seem like knowledge and understanding are underrated these days.

  5. “Answering 2012 questions alone could make you a Top Contributor.”
    its all about odds. if you have a bunch of answers you’ve got a bunch of opportunities to have your BA % @ 12+ or something.
    plus constantly answering in that category helps.
    ANYONE can be a TC. (as long as they participate on a semi daily basis…. tc badges can be removed within one week of no interaction…………I think)
    my fav….. the orange cape = tc badge
    sorry. guanotwozero…… I’m willing to bet VIP would not allow a lowly bot (if kev is a bot) to take control of her question.
    a weakness? indeed.
    no one turns back. even when turning back is fair in the books and voting for your own answer is fair.
    and if you don’t vote, they will……………..
    “shift” hasn’t done anything wrong so far.
    anyone who reads this should consider the trail of unvoted answers they’ve left behind. most people have hundreds of them.
    again use them………. or they will
    askers as set ups is unlikely. co-ordination is very difficult. most of those questioners act like us answeres and don’t ever choose a BA. they’re questions are simple as are their minds and attention span…… allowing the question to go to voting because they don’t bother to actually read answers for their questions their A.D.D. minds kick out, nor are they actually interested in the truth.
    they’re just mentally farting.
    and the voters live off the farts.
    and its all legal.
    kevs video is kinda funny though. you should watch it

  6. The problem with 2012 questions is how many times it’s been asked.
    If you type in the words “world end 2012” in the “Search for questions:” box you’ll see why people have become almost hostile about it. 8,868 times and counting.

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