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I don't understand how gemstones work in wicca, I've read that they store energy?

by Corey:

and that a witch can call on that energy to conduct spells and heal people

Answer by db3272
like everything else in Wicca, it works by your imagination only!


  1. I’ve not really incorporated using stones much yet in any of my work other than in meditation. Jade is said to have a calming and centering effect on a person. I sometimes have a really hard time with meditation, I have a piece of jade attuned to me that I hold while meditating and I do much better with it than without.

  2. that belief would more correctly be called magic. Wicca is a pretty new permutation of older pagan practices. All i know is that you must cleanse stones you are working with in either a salt bath, or for porous stones, by smudging or “smoking” them with white sage. This is said to release negative energies
    You must also come to “bond” with your stones, making them “sacred” in your own mind.
    also they can be charged by the light of the sun and moon, and hold the energy of the… idk zodiac sign that said body is reflecting?
    as far as using the energy i do not know… i am not a witch but i have friends that are. this is just what i have picked up from them.
    good luck

  3. Mhmm alot of things hold energy
    like Quartz helps with meditation and diamonds can be for sexual health ect ect ect

  4. yes we use them for that purpose if you are a new witch i wouldnt try it too much because you need to find a stone that is attracted to you(not moveing but you feel a stong forse)


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