Home Discussion Forum "I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball.."?

"I don't practice santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball.."?

I know Santeria is a voodoo practice but does anyone know more about it?


  1. Santeria isn’t a “voodoo practice,” it’s an entirely separate African Diaspora *religion.*
    It’s the fusion of Yoruba spiritual beliefs with Spanish Catholic imagery, though there are strains of Santeria that have not been syncretized to Catholic beliefs. Some people don’t even like referring to it as “Santeria” as it suggests some sort of bastard Catholicism instead of the fully-fledged religion that it is. For that reason, it’s also called “Lukumi.”
    Santeros worship orishas, who are god-like spirits that “take over” the bodies of their worshippers during rituals. Each orisha has a different personality, a different set of offerings, and a different set of music and drum rhythms.

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  3. Santeria is a syncretic religion of Caribbean and West African origin. “Syncretic” means the melding or reconciling of different beliefs into one.
    Like other voodoo religions, santeria melds Roman Catholic and Native American traditions with African, in this case Yoruba. The spirits called upon are called “orisha”, and figures of specific Catholic saints are often used as stand-ins for the orisha.
    Santeria became its modern form in Cuba. There are a few interesting court cases involving animal sacrifice, in which the Supreme Court ruled that animal cruelty laws directed solely at this religion were unconstitutional.


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