I don't know what to think of this?

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Okay… so there’s this girl.
We used to be so shy around eachother and never talk… she looked (she still does too) at me alot.
We started talking and we had like 2343333 in common and we became friends.
After a few months, we started visiting eachothers houses after school and now we like best friends.
She touches me alot like, stroking my hand, hugging me and kisses my cheek alot.
She’s extremley beautiful and she’s not like this with any other friends. (But she only has a few good friends)
About a week ago i was coming out of my lesson and she was waiting for me (she was with one of her friends) and her friend started singing that silly thing “Katy and Lucy sittin’ in a tree” Ect.
Then Katy (The girl i like) Looked at her friend and gave her like a “Shhh, Don’t tell her” Face.
I didn’t ask her about this though.
Then yesterday we were in my room.. Having fun, talkin’, messing around like always.
Then we stopped laughing and she looked into my eyes, She kissed me..
Of course i kissed her back… Then my mom “Shouted Katy you Mom’s here” (She was picking her up) And my mom came upstairs to us… She left without saying goodbye.
I’ve got school tomorrow and i don’t know what to do… I’m really nervous.
should i bring it up? Is she leading me on? Thanks.

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Sounds hot. Go for it.

Gay Pride!

Just wait and see what happens, she is probably just as nervous/scared as you and most likely confided in her other friend that she likes you and doesn’t know what to do about it. Don’t act like nothing has happened, what you should do when you get to school is try to get her alone some place so you can talk about things. It could be the beggining of a beautiful relationship, Good Luck!!

Oreo girl

OMG!!! You are soooo lucky! To have a close friend of yours like you and you like them back!!! There are always sooooo many people asking for help on a broken or dying relationship. Yours is like a budding flower!!! I’m sooo happy! you should go for it!!! If SHE kissed you and you liked it, who says you can’t be with her!?! You guys can love anyone you want to and it doesn’t seem like she’s leading you on because she didn’t even know if you liked her at first. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when leading someone on and since she went passed the line and kissed you, it’s is HIGHLY likely that she is NOT leading you and and REALLY DOES like you!!!! GOO FOR ITT!!! XDD!!!!


am happy for you. dont be nervous


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