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I don't get it why do people believe in the bible ?

Snakes cannot talk, donkeys cannot talk, and bushes cannot talk.
After talking to the bush,. Moses opens the Red Sea so that his followers can cross over but when the bad guys followers chase the good guys the Red Sea closes down on them. Sound like some mythology to you ?
In addition to this, Moses the hero of this story has a walking stick. A cane. When he lays it down it turns into snake. There is a beautiful explanation. When you lay down dependence on yourself represented by the spine (the snake) it turns into the winding serpent Kundalini.
You have another hero and his job is to take two of every kind of animal on a boat to escape a flood. Two of every kind of animal on a boat.
You have a woman who is over 90 years of age, gets pregnant and has a child.
A man who is swallowed by a large fish and lives inside the stomach of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights.
You have a man who leads a group of people blowing horns around a town and on the 7th time around the walls fall down and they overrun the city.
You have a very strong man who loses his strength when his hair is cut.
A man sees things flying through the sky and they land and they have the faces of lions, men, ox’s and eagles.
A bunch of bones in the desert start to move and dance around and then flesh covers the bones as they are dancing around in the desert.
You have 3 men tossed into an oven and the fire is heated up to a roar and when someone looks into the oven they are sitting around talking with another person.
You have a hand with no arm that floats into a room and begins writing on a wall.
And of course on top of all of this you have the virgin birth, the resurrection out of the grave.
The ascension. A man actually flying up into the sky.
A man being raised out of a grave who has been dead 4 days.
A man walking on the water.
An incident where a man who is to pay his taxes goes fishing and finds the money in the fish’s mouth.
And of course, the ultimate mythology upon which our western culture is based.
God required a human sacrifice so he had his son born of a virgin and sent down to be crucified so the blood would flow and God could then forgive you and me. This being done the human who was sacrificed then rose from the dead and flew up into heaven. This we have chosen to be a literal fact.
Oh I almost forgot about the lady is turned into a pillar of salt. Great for popcorn but literally? And she was married to one of Gods chosen people who was saved out of the fires of Sodom and Gomorrah. So this guy Lot celebrated his god fortune by taking his two daughters up to a mountain and having sex with them. Gods chosen guy.
On and on and on with the wild stories finally ending with Revelation and the beast with 7 heads and ten horns
yahoo wanted to put this in the mytholgoy section


  1. prophecies?
    all things are possible with God?
    man needs salvation?
    it’s the word of God? (dead sea scrolls recently found that matched the New Testament)
    you’ve worded it in an unfair manner?
    people’s lives changing?
    it makes sense?
    no man can write anything like it, even if you do consider it fiction?
    guidance & wisdom to basically any struggle you have and to life in general?
    “silly stories” don’t prove that an entire book (hundreds of books) is false?
    consistent, yet written by many people?
    you’re still 14 years old and not used to the wonders of God?

  2. Because they refuse to believe in anything else. They falsely believe that the Bible and God are the same, when in reality, the Bible and God are two totally different concepts.

  3. none of this is meant to be taken literally of course. UNLESS its regarding homosexuality, and how evil and nasty atheists are and how they will burn and rot in hell….

  4. We live in America, darling, where we are able to believe what we want. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to but don’t try and take it away from those who revel in God’s glory and power.

  5. I agree with abrahan lincon. Maybe because all prophecies fulfill. ah… I remembered… maybe because I ever saw a man healed of a core on his neck instantaneously… ah… maybe because people who obey the gospel change their personality to better uncrediably, etc…
    Sorry about the bad english

  6. ‘yahoo wanted to put this in the mytholgoy section’
    You typed all that out just to deliver that joke amirite?

  7. Everything in the Bible can happen. It is even easier to believe after cooking your brain in the desert for years or eating funny colored mushrooms.

  8. Or sense of reality is much more open. Why can’t you understand what is outside of your laws?
    To add on, the bible is meant to be interpreted, if you don’t understand how or why the things that happen in the bible happen than that is your loss.

  9. i don’t get it either. from my experience, when i talk to a believer about all this ridiculous action in the bible, they tell me that it is not written to be taken literally, it is all a prolonged metaphor. funny thing is, when i ask, well is the story of jesus and god a metaphor too? they harshly tell me “no!” . that part is apparently literal facts surrounded by a sea of mythology and metaphor not meant to be taken literally. curious..

  10. laziness… it is easier to be told what to think that to actually develop your own thoughts. it feels more secure to put responsibility on God or the Devil, rather than take full responsibility for what happens on our own planet. Children grow out of pacifiers and blankets, but they never do seem to grow out of being told what to think and what to believe.

  11. I have a chair. It is an old chair. Bob the Builder made it. People say Bob can’t make chairs. Others say Bob isn’t even a Builder. I sit in the chair that Bob made and I know he makes good chairs. He’s Bob the Builder.

  12. Seems you’ve done lots of reading in the Bible, but you will never understand it with your intellect. The word is spirit and you can only understand it with your spirit/heart with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. So If you really want to understand the Word, ask Jesus to come into your life, accept Him as your Lord and Savior, let Him in your heart…

  13. For those of us who believe, God has made Himself known to us. For those who don’t, of course it’s nonsense. That is intentional.

  14. Many miracles in the Bible. If you want to be saved, you have to believe in some of them, at least the ones having to do with Jesus Christ. Without him, you cannot be saved. Yoga (Kundalini, etc.) cannot forgive your sins.
    Yours in Christ, Nick

  15. Really I do not feel like spending a long time answering each and every argument you put forth.
    So here is link that answers your basic question, why we thing the Bible is 100% true:
    Now really, things happened through the will of God. (most things, like the talking snake as you put it, that was the Devil.)
    The whole book of Revelation is a Prophesy of the End of the world, as seen in a vision. Which will come true.

  16. Go to this website…juss fer instance…
    take a look around a bit…scrolling most particularly toward the bottom and you will notice some nice photographs of coral encrusted chariot wheels at the cross sight..which is, has been and will continue to be studied at length and great cost.
    Noah’s Ark actually happened to be uniquely designed and quite practical for its purpose. More of a floating, partially submerged box shaped vessel and less of a boat. Sorta like our modern day cargo ships only enclosed. Check out the sight..
    As far as the rest I will only comment on the daughters of Lot. It was the adult females that were corrupted by the culture that they lived in who seduced their drunken father.
    Oh and they mimiced the talking donkey on Shrek as a spoof on a biblical fairy tale but the truth is…as God is the creator and maker of all things then I’m sure allowing or inciting an animal to speech is no small task. Have you ever seen a molecular machine? Those things move and build all the various cells in your body with no apparent mechanisms for modivation to do their job and yet…there they are…truckin’ right along. Verified by science. With God, all things are possible and as all things have happened they have been recorded for the purpose of teaching you and would be conspicuous by their absence. It would be like me writing a 400 page novel regarding the saga of a prostitute who survives it to go on and live a decent forgiving life and leaving out all the gory details of why it was so harsh to begin with. Not only would it be a very bland read…it wouldn’t be an accurate depiction. So the things you read about the misconduct and bad behavior of certain people of the Bible, while not condoned by God, are given and rendered in truth for our benifit. Revelations is symbolic and the symbols are designated in the Bible to authenticate it. Go to this site if you can stand it…
    Choose life.
    Love in Christ, ~J~

  17. I appreciate the fact that your are 13 years old and already you are thinking for yourself, it restores my faith in humanity.
    And yeah, the stories in the Bible are pretty ludicrous when you read them in doubt and not blind faith, but I was dumb enough to believe those stories for 15 years of my life. How naive was I.


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