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I do want to work for a nice and rich family.I cook,speak 3 languages,and do Tantra massage.Who needs me ??


  1. the fact that you’re looking for a rich family, says you are not trustworthy. If you ever hope to have a job like this, you will need excellent references and will probably have to go through an agency. Wealthy people do not normally hire someone off the internet or off the street.

  2. i know someone who has alot of money and is really rich, her name is chanelle stoker and she might just be looking for your kind of help. look her up you might find her name in the yellow pages, her dad works for stoker inserence he actually owns it and his daughter chanelle always carrys houndreds of dollars in her pocet all the time. hope that answered your question.

  3. Not me. Saying you want a rich family? What a turn off. Tells me you have a motive since you are looking for someone rich. You didn’t even use polite terms such as well off or upper class.


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