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I do Tai Chi regularly other day I saw ‘steam’ streaming out of my fingers is that part of my aura I’m seeing?

No I’m not seeing things, it was like a beam of grey light coming from my thumb and finger tips on both hands, saw this once and hasn’t happened since. Assume it is part of my aura – or build up of energy as it happened as I was closing my Tai Chi exercise. Has anyone else seen this??


  • Could you please help? I also saw smoke coming out of my fingertips, i would lik to know what that means. also small black particles within the objects, if i look carefully…thank you very much, eva

  • Im so glad to see this post. A week ago, i had this experience: saw smoke coming from my finger tips, and when i looked closely saw also lots of small black particles vibrating. Am trying to understand what that was…please help

  • Hello Jan

    It would have either been your aura, but I feel more likely your etheric self. This is the electromagnetic layer that surrounds the body.


  • Well, it’s possible you just practiced outside when it was cold, and the steam you saw was a result of the chi flow to your hands boosting your skin temperature and making steam.

    Assuming that you actually were seeing your etheric field though, it basically works as follows;
    There are two schools of meditation in daoism (which are often intertwined with chi gung and tai chi).
    Fire Method
    Water Method

    The fire method emphasize forcing things to occur, and using visualizations.
    The water method is much more relaxed and tries to let things spontaneously occur. Often, rather than force something to happen, they just do everything to create a situation where the desired affect can randomly occur.
    The water method is “better” but it’s harder to do and not as commonly taught.

    Most of the better students I know who can do things like ‘see auras’ have all told me similar stories. There were practicing the forms they were given, and eventually something just clicked in them and they started being able to do things including seeing auras/etheric chi fields.

    What you’re doing sounds like one of the early stages to that. The main goal is basically to let the wonderful accident you experienced happen more.

    Other than that, to a large extent the efficacy of these types of things is influenced by what practice is used (ie. there are many many different tai chi forms and ways to do each one). It’s possible there’s some sort of energy mechanic which occurs in the form you did.
    If you have any desire to pursue this further, I have my own bias about what forms and practices are the best for opening up your internal senses, but I think that goes beyond what you’re asking here.

    Anyhow, hope that helps. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

  • Not exactly your aura but energy streaming out of your physical body and into your aura as the internal level of energy increases with the practise of Tai Chi.

    All the best!

  • Negative energy coming out of your body. I’ve heard it described as a grey smoke before. You must of really be into your tai chi! That’s just a great sign that’s it’s working for you. I hope that helped or even made sense. Best wishes!

    • I have seen flames white/Gray smoke come from my finger tips. Approximately beginning thickness one inch increasing to 8 to 10 inches from the tips of my fingers. I also see things, they come to me in pictures, words, and concepts. I do not have to meditate or channel. (I do not know how to do those things) but I sometimes have flashes of pictures come to me when talking with others. I have verified what I seen and I have confirmed what I see is correct and true. I haven’t read about these things that happen to me until now. I do not know how to utilize what is happening to me nor do I understand. When this happens afterwards I have nightmares. Horrifying things come to me in these nightmares because I don’t know how to start or stop how much comes through to me. All through my life I have tried to block or ignore it when it happens because I don’t understand it and it scares me. I never told anyone all these years. I recently told my husband and last night when I seen the flames/smoke only did I search the Internet to see if this has happened to someone else. I was surprise to find anything at all about smoke coming from my finger tips, I had seriously thought something is wrong with my eye sight. I triesd squinting, opening, closing, and adjusting my eyes but no matter what I did my tips of my fingers had flame and smoke. I opened and closed my hands but the flames and smoke was still there. I had ask my husband if he could see them at first he said he seen something but then said no he couldn’t see anything. When I seen this happening I had to do research to find out what is happening to me.

  • my sister does tai chi and that culd b possible i can feel my aura( either that or im cazy) ur good ur arua is able to be seen and felt my mom read books on that ^_^

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