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I do not believe in what the rest of my family does, trying to find others who think like I do.?

The people in my family are all Christians, the type of Christians that are very closed-minded. My beliefs seem to match those of Taoism. I live in Indiana where can I find others who believe what I do, and how can I explain these things to my family?


  1. I guess this advice doesn’t help you much since I believe what your family does, but I have looked into Taoism some. They obviously have a passion for what they believe if they are so closed-minded. If I were you, I would try to make myself fit into Christianity before I went looking into other stuff. Find your joy in it. Enjoy the fact that the God of the Universe loves you and will talk to you. When your family is hating you, know that He loves you. He’s waiting for you to talk to Him, so go ahead. Talk to Him.

  2. Pretty hard to do when the rest of your family are believers.
    Maybe you could try and convert them. Although maybe to science instead of another religion.
    Any ways, the short answer is always THE INTERNET.


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