I do lots of sport, will this make the healing time for bellybar piercing longer?

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I play basketball and Im waiting till we have no more matches cause I’m aggressive on cort and I will get hit so I don’t want it then. But I will still be doing badminton 3 times a week and lots of running by the time I get it done, also basketball training just no matches.
Will this make the healing time longer?

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A little bit

Geoff the skier

Fancy deliberately injuring yourself with a piercing – what a clot.


But it might increase the risk of an infection cause of the sweat.
Just clean it afterwards, and have a shower.


I play sports and mine is healing just fine,
be careful not to hit it or catch it on anything and have it rip
i would highly recomend this stuff called h2ocean
its a cleaner for piercings, and it works wonders,
i started to get a slight infection and my friend recommended it i used it and after the first time the infection was almost compleatly gone.
it also can speed healing time.
so if you get it done, that would be something i recomend getting for aftercare.


Not really…I got my peircing done and I had 3 different physical activites to handle…it didn’t really effect it except when I did crunches and stuff. It might slow healing slightly, but not really unless something aggressive happens like it gets pulled out. Put a bandaid over it and it should be fine. Also, clean it twice daily. The sweat xan irritate it.


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