I do a lot of yoga, but how many calories doI burn?

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I have read conflicting articles on this. I do hatha yoga, for 1 and 1/2 hours, the last 20 minutes not counting as they are relaxation. I weigh 8st 5 pounds currently.

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I think you will always get conflicting answers as it depends on a lot like how much you weigh. heavier people burn more calories doing things. One thing I know for sure any exercise is good and you will definately burn more then watching TV LOL. Keep up the good work,

David M

The truth is you may not be burning calories for the actual exercise whilst you are relaxing, however your body is still going faster than normal for a considerable time after you finish your exercise and it is replacing the used glucose etc used in your muscles. So you must look at the exercise as a whole thing, not breaking it down.


For about a half hour, it’s 50 or so calories.It depends on your height and weight as well.

Steven C

not much, aerobic exersizes like that generally dont.
You burn 151.81 calories during 90 minutes of Yoga.
(took out the 20 mins cool down)
that will burn you about one chicken wing maybe.
just remember search engines are your friend, i came up with that anwser using a yoga weight loss calculator which i searched.
if your not into hard training try jogging or swimming maybe?
if weight loss is your goal do cardio for longer than 30 mins a day.

Dr Wot

The amount of energy you use during yoga, or any other activity, will vary according to your mood and other circumstances.
Any ‘listed’ values for an activity’s ‘calorie burn’, is only an average or estimate. The best guide is your own heart rate. By regularly wearing a heart rate monitor during activities, you will be able to recognise when you are stressed during a session (higher heart rate than you normally measure), or tired (lower or more variable heart rate than usually measured). Both of these readings would mean that you are using more calories than you do during a session where the reading is consistent with other sessions of the same activity.
Calories burned at a particular heart rate are impossible to work out; the amount of energy you use at any HR level is very individual.
Any ‘calorie count’ is only useful as a guideline; a specific figure will ALWAYS be inaccurate, because the ‘real world’ figure varies so much. Articles conflict because their authors use different methods of estimating, when they are putting guidelines together.


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