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by bobbydigital1419:

So I was (seriously) meditating for the first time because my neighbor, a very spiritual lady, recommended it to do so clear out some stress. I have tried before, but I just felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. So I asked her for some tips, and she said to either sit in front of a mirror and look into my own eyes or at my third eye/pineal gland area.
So I did, and after a few moments, I noticed that the man in the mirror was changing, and my whole body disappeared and there was just black. Before that happened, my face also was changing, like maybe I was seeing a more aged version of myself. Then my face just went blurry and then black, as did the rest of my body. Also, I think I had visions, of what I have no idea. When my body returned I could have sworn I saw my skeleton or soul or something. I was completely sober while I did this.
So, I’m wondering if anybody can explain what I experienced, or maybe anything else that they should feel that I know. Please no stupid answers for 2 points.

Answer by John D.
You probably just imagined it, when you relax or meditate it can be like hypnosis.


  1. you probablly imagined it because meditating relaxes you and gets rid of stress and helps muscles and stuff and maybe you just saw it in your head cause when i mediatate everything goes black and my eyes go weird

  2. It’s a form of guided meditation, nothing to be afraid of. Physically when you stare at a particular spot your eyes loose focus on everything but the area, making things disappear. You didn’t physically change, you’re now dealing with blind spots as well as your subconscious coming further forward. It’s ok.
    The meditation is supposed to calm your mind and put you in tune with your subconscious–basically take you to the type of moments you have just before falling asleep or just after waking up when you sort of ‘float’ between things. Your walls and boundaries are down and your subconscious fills in the gaps, ‘showing’ you things. You can learn a lot about yourself this way, and it’s actually pretty good you hit that level almost on your first time out! Congrats.
    It is a good way to drop stress. You can focus, during these times, by visualizing yourself in a quiet woodland, trying to make it as real as you can — hearing the breeze in the leaves, listening, seeing. People ask for ‘guides’ to come forward, which is really only your subconscious connection, and you talk to them or listen to what they have to say. It’s a way of connecting to parts of you that are blocked off, shoved way down, things that were buried. Nothing there can hurt you.
    Check your community colleges and even book stores–many host meditation classes, and those places walk you through safe guided meditations. They usually run about 40 minutes and can be very very good at making you stress free.
    Really, what you experienced was normal.

  3. Yes. This is called the scotoma, or blind spot, in the receptors on the inside of your eye, where the nerves come together to form a bundle. Normally your brain just edits it out and fills it in with whatever visual image is surrounding the blind spot, since your eyes shift constantly under normal circumstances. Everyone has a blind spot (except, for some reason, squid) and it’s completely normal.
    By focusing intently on one spot and not shifting your gaze, your blind spot was placed over your body, and your eyes might have watered and blurred from your focusing and perhaps not blinking.
    As for seeing your skeleton or soul, that’s weird. Try again and see if you can duplicate the results.

  4. I have done meditations for a while now and I have had some interesting and fascinating visuals when I have but I have not subjected myself to looking in the mirror and having that particular experience. Meditation can take you to a very different place within yourself as well as open up a whole new world that you would not necessarily experience in waking life. Meditation is something that most usually practice when they are in a relaxed and in a stationary position. Either sitting down or laying on their backs. Incorporating a mirror is a unique method for sure but I do not discount your experiences.
    There is what is referred to as a “Psychomanteum” which is a chamber or darkeend room with a chair, no light and with just a mirror positioned right in front of the chair. You sit in the chair in front of the mirror for a period of time and you are said to be able to see into the spirit world and into your own life. Past , present and future. It is aken to “scrying”, It is very much like being in a meditative state but your are also “seeing” into another realm. Not everyone can do this and most individuals who can are usually have other psychic abilities. You could very well indeed of had a glimpse into this realm. I would urge you to use caution, there are a host of things that go along with this sort of practice. You may not always like what you see and there is a chance that there are forces that may show you things that are not necessarily true. Also there is a chance that it could be a portal similar to a Ouija board and you could allow various spirits , some negative, to cross into this world. I would look into this practice a little more before continuing. Good luck.

  5. It is normal for visions to occur when focusing on a single point for a “long” length of time. The process is called scrying and it’s the technique used by fortune tellers when gazing into their crystal balls.

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